March 2018

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You may only be one drop in the world, but even the smallest drop starts a ripple.


This month's DREAMER is Micah!

My hobbies are hunting, fishing, tools and being outdoors.

I chose DREAM at first because I learn the best when I am able to do the experiments and I am interested in what I am learning about. I chose to stay at DREAM because I really like the freedom and challenge of doing projects on what I want. Another reason I chose to stay at DREAM is the possibilities for projects are endless. I also like the challenge of not getting spoon fed tasks or information like in traditional public schools.

My favorite parts of DREAM would have to be experience days and building relationships with the staff here at DREAM. My favorite part of experience days are you can do projects you can’t do at school like cleaning a gun or volunteering. I really like the relationships I have built with the staff because I feel like we have gotten to know each other pretty well. Another of my favorite parts is being able to work from home any time I want as long as I have a project for it and get it approved with my advisor and parents.

My favorite projects have been all of the outdoor ones because I love the outdoors.Some of these projects include Cutting trees,Chainsaw maintenance, Hunting and fishing and Karate.


Poetry - Ashley H.

Poetry is a huge part of my life and I feel like it will continue to be. I love writing and performing and I believe that I have gotten a lot of positive feedback so far, along with some constructive feedback which in some cases can be even better. I feel my poetry has defiantly improved in the last year and I hope to keep improving and getting better at all the different parts of poetry. I want to start performing more, a lot more. I love performing and although it makes me super anxious the reaction I get from the audience is worth it, and the way I feel about myself makes it even better. I have written a lot this year, and I want to continue to push myself even further, by writing more, getting my name out there more, and performing whenever I can. Things I think I could get better at, is everything. I am never going to limit myself to "good enough" or even the best I can do, I can and will always improve. I have signed up for a competition in January, the chances of me getting in are unlikely because of how many people enter, but I am still going to keep my hopes high and try my best. I want to continue signing up for things related to poetry, and I also want to discover more artists and open mics. Poetry is something I am extremely passionate about and I hope I continue to recognize that and pursue it.

Chemical Experiments - Destinee C.

I did this project with Ashley, Daisha, Myra, and Lexi. During this project we made a lava lamp , elephant toothpaste, and the baking soda and vinegar. I really liked doing this project with them. If I were to do this project again, one thing I would change is that I would do more of our chemical reactions. . . My favorite reaction we did was the elephant toothpaste because it exploded. . . One thing that I learned from this project is that not all of the reactions will work exactly how you want them. Our elephant toothpaste did not work the first time we tried it. It takes time to get it right. . . I would love to do this project again but I would want to do more reactions.

Why do chemical reactions happen? I think they happen because particles are mixing together and causing and eruption. So when we did the elephant toothpaste experiment, we did not get the reaction we wanted because we did not add enough yeast. We did get a reaction but it was not the reaction we wanted. We wanted it to explode but instead we got a tiny reaction. It only overflowed over the top. When we did it the second time , we got more of a reaction. We put all of the ingredients together and then closed the bottle and shook it and threw it all over. I think we got a better reaction the second time because we shook it and that mixed the particles together a lot better instead of just pouring it in and waiting.

The ingredients we used for elephant toothpaste was, hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, a little bit of dish soap, dry yeast, and water. These ingredients cause a reaction because hydrogen peroxide is a molecule and contains hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms. When you add in the yeast in makes the foaming reaction go faster so it looks like it is exploding. The foam is made when the dish detergent traps tiny oxygen bubbles that is created by the chemical reaction. The hydrogen peroxide will break into two parts, water and oxygen. The yeast contains catalyses. A catalyst is a substance that speeds up reactions, that is how you may get the exploding effect.



Key Club is a large student organization within DREAM, so we want to provide updates on its happenings. Update courtesy of Amy, Key Club Editor.

Fine Arts Night is all signed up!

We also have the new board members for Key Club 2018-2019. The new President is Amy Haney and Vice President is Madeline Skrukrud. The Secretary and Treasurer are Hannah Evans and Andrew Tack-both new members this year. Lastly, the Club Editor is Ashley Haney.

As we start fresh for the new year this is a perfect time to join Key Club! We’re looking for new members especially to aid our Club Editor.


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DREAM has a Speech team!
Andrew T and Aliyah A will receive their customer service certification!


DREAM has graduates out in the world in various locations, so we want to highlight some of them!

My name is Mackenzie Ouren. I’m taking a year off from school to travel, this August I’ll be moving to Minneapolis. The most important thing I learned at DREAM is that the most important part of life is making relationships with the people around you, the people around you can teach you more than any textbook ever could. My favorite project was my senior project, the journey from start to finish was so rewarding. One piece of advice I would give another student is that DREAM has the potential to teach you more than you could ever imagine, keep your mind open and take your time letting the experience really soak in.


DREAM Technical Academy has a School Advisory Council that meets once a month on the second Monday evening at 6:30pm at the school. Their mission is to provide guidance and direction for the school. The Advisory Council consists of 50% of DREAM staff and 50% of DREAM parents, community members, and a student. Our parent representatives can bring your input to the Advisory Council or direct it specifically to a staff member.





Hi! I am Michaela Bengtson and I have been teaching at DREAM since our first day. I have absolutely loved getting to have the privilege to work with such bright, caring, kind, and passionate students. My interests and passions are agriculture, art, antiques, kayaking, being at the lake in the summer and playing with all of my nieces and nephews! I also really enjoy movies and traveling! A project I would choose to do if I was a student is looking into how color affects our sense of taste, smell, and how we perceive something just based on color!


In this section, we ask for supplies and/or volunteers for various projects & events. Please contact us or drop-off items if you are able to assist.

  • Empty Paper Towel Rolls
  • Travel-size hygiene items
  • Kleenex

  • Mentors (help students work on projects, experiences, etc.)

  • Popsicle Sticks (we need 1000!)


"I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these 'how' and 'why' questions. Occasionally, I find an answer." Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)