Mrs. Moss' Language Arts Updates

September 15, 2014

Power School --Parent Portal

If you have not already logged in and checked out the digital grade book it is up and running and currently up to date. Please be understanding with me in the future related to grades entered. If there is any confusion just send me an email and I will clarify. Our county has a two week expectation and for some writing assignments I will take every bit of that time between due date and posting in the grade book. Also, there are times when an assignment is entered, but I haven't entered grades for that particular block quite yet ( that does not mean your child has a missing assignment). If something is missing due to absence or other reasons I will put a zero in until I receive the assignment. REMEMBER: I accept late work 10 points each night late no more than 5 days or Homework 70 one day late only.

Wordy Wednesdays

Every Wednesday students will have an assessment. These assessments will alternate between Flocabulary (Unit 2 Flocabulary "Muhammad Ali" quiz Wednesday Sept. 17) and Grammar ( please see Noun, Pronoun, Adjective Quiz grades from your students or from PowerSchool). Practice, notes, review, activities and classwork will be designed to help students learn, understand, remember, and apply the skills involved with vocabulary and grammar. All of these skills will help them become better communicators and writers. Studying should still happen at home several nights before the assessment as well. Grammar is a particular weakness for some students, so additional study time at home may be important. Also, coming in for morning tutoring may be an option.

They Cage the Animals at Night

At this point students are raving about how much they like this book and how touching it is. At the same time students are complaining that they have written responsibilities related to this book. I want them to continue to enjoy it (we are about half way through) but I do need to challenge them to be insightful, notice technique and craft of the writer, and deduce thematic meaning. Please talk with your student about what they are reading. It is an emotional book and has a ton of life lessons(themes) that are jumping off the page for them. Also, encourage your students to share their response journal (ch. 2-4 should have been three columns--reactions, characterization, and setting description; Ch. 5-7 should have two columns Text --excerpts from the book that make them think or feel and ME-- the feelings, insights, thoughts that they are having while they read. ) We will have a Quiz on Chapter 1-7 this Tuesday Sept. 16.
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I am available any time your students need additional help with the exception of Tuesday afternoons. I am usually here by 8:00 every morning and would be more than happy to write a pass for students to come and work with me on anything they would like one on one or small group help with. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the best days.

Contact me with any Questions or Concerns.

Please note:

  • My moodle (see address below) has a calendar and a weekly schedule that you may find helpful .
  • I do not tend to check email between the hours of 4:30pm-8:00am. I am, however, available via twitter whenever necessary.