Clinical Depression

(Major Depressive Disorder)

By: Ashley Mazza Health 6th period 10/17/15


Child Depression is a disorder in which there are on going deep feeling of helplessness worthlessness and hoplessness.

Saying or Slogan:

A dose of positivity a day... keeps the depression away


People suffering server clinical depression often have thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, most periods of sever depression last no longer then 3 months. The majority of people who suffer from clinical depression eventually recover, either on their own or with professional help ans about 10% of people don't recover. A person who has a parent, brother, or sister with clinical depression it is more likely to develop it, than a persons whose relatives have not had this emotional problem. Clinical depression is the second highest burden of disease. Approximately 19 million adults in the US (10%) will experience depressive illness and half will suffer from a major depressive disorder.


Mild: support groups, exercise, and wait and see

Mild moderate: Talking therapy

Moderate to server: Anti depression, combination therapy, mental health terms