Jamie's Story

Cheers To A Beautiful Life

Jamie’s Story

Jamie Hardy- a loving daughter, a supportive sister, a great friend and an inspiration. In Jamie’s 23 years of life, she lived every moment to the fullest extent traveling around the globe, developing a career with General Mills and meeting many new friends with an everlasting smile on her face. As a Detroit native and 2012 graduate of Michigan State University, Jamie moved to Chicago just one year ago to begin a career in the food sales industry. New to Chicago, Jamie knew few people but managed to utilize her bubbly personality to establish a group of close friends in no time. Unfortunately, in May Jamie’s Chicago adventure took a turn for the worse when she became sick and was diagnosed with Nut Midline Cancer, a disease that has an average survival rate from diagnosis of less than one year. Despite a bleak prognosis, Jamie was confident that she would bounce back to life as normal with her new Chicago ‘family’ close in hand. Unfortunately on July 22nd, Jamie passed away in Michigan where she was fighting this terrible disease with all of her strength.

The Goal:

With Nut Midline Cancer research being drastically underfunded, we would like to raise funds to donate to the physicians & researchers working to bring this disease to an end, while creating awareness of what a Nut Midline prognosis means for its victims and their families.

About The Disease:

NUT midline carcinoma (NMC) is a rare and life-threatening type of cancer. It typically, but not always, affects the body’s “midline,” including the nose, mouth, sinuses, trachea, upper airways, chest, and thymus. Currently, the average survival from diagnosis is less than one year.

As of 2013, there are less than 100 known cases of NMC around the globe. Being such a rare form of cancer, many physicians and researchers have not focused their efforts on developing a prognosis to help NMC patients overcome this debilitating disease. In an effort to bring about more effective treatment for NMC patients, The International Nut Midline Carcinoma Registry was established by Doctors at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite their best efforts, research for the disease is still underfunded making a Nut midline carcinoma diagnosis grim for patients and their loved ones.

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