David Kislin

New York City Investor-Philanthropist David Kislin

About David Kislin

David Kislin, president of Trans Commodities, has more than two decades of experience in commodities trading with a special focus on the former Soviet Union market. Previously, he also headed the Sleepy Hudson real estate holding and development firm for over a decade, during which time he helmed a number of projects in the TriBeCa area.

In addition to his professional pursuits, David Kislin also served as the president of the Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations (COJECO), for four years. Though he stepped down in 2012, he continues to sit on COJECO’s board of directors, as well as the Russian leadership board of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA-Federation). For his professional accomplishments and his charitable involvement, he received an official commendation from former City of New York Comptroller William Thompson Jr. in 2009.

David Kislin earned his BA in international business and economics from Babson College, where he was a finalist for the Babson Charm Prize business plan competition. From his home in New York City, he enjoys spending time with his family in his free time.