Percy jackson the lightning thief

My favorite book i have read is Percy Jackson the lightning thief. In the story, the setting takes place in New Yorik, mount olympus, and a lot of other places. It takes place in a lot of places because they are trying to find where Hades is.
In the story, the characters are Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Chiron, Greek gods, Percy's mom, and the monsters. Percy is the son of Peosidon which is one of the big 3 gods (the best), Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, Grover is a Satyr, Chiron is a centar, the gods are gods, Percy's mom is special and can see through the mist, which normal humans cant. Grover has to hide his legs and his horns with baggy jeans, a cap, and fake feet. Satyrs also
In the beginning of the story, percy finds out he's a half blood when his teacher, Mrs.Dodds, turns into a monster and tries to kill him, but chiron shows up, gives percy a pen which is his weapond riptide and kills her. When he goes on a trip with his mom and gover, they get attacked by a minitour and then his mom dies, well not really, she goes to the underworld. Percy finds out that was hades and he also finds out later that hades doesnt want the lightning bolt, most powerful weapon and its zues's and they accuded him of stealing it, he thinks percy also stole hades's helmet so that is why he is torchuring him. Percy goes aon an adventure with annabeth and grover and fight many monsters, one including Medusa, to find Hades. They find out that Ares gave Percy a backpack and inside had a shield with the lightning bolt, so thats why he was accused. They get the bolt in the end, give it to Zeus and they also get the helmet when they defeat Ares.
I recommend this book for anyone because its really fantasizing and its cool because Percy can waterbend and do other things. I liked the book and i think others will too