Cake Decorator

Kaitlyn Hochrein

What type of work you do

As a cake decorator you would need to prepare and apply fillings, icings, and glazes to cakes and torts.

Work environment

Cake decorators work in large grocery stores.

Working with people or alone

Cake decorators work with many people doing all different types of cakes.

working with you hands, Earnings

Cake decorators work with their hands. The annual pay in about $18,360 to $35,700 per year.

Schedule and hours

We usually work an 8 hour night shift starting at 3am.

Supervising others

I would like to supervise others and teach them how to do the job.

Qualities to succeed

I like to decorate things.

College or training

Culinary arts, ethrepreneurship, and health and fitness.

How could you do this type of work

I like to decorate things.