Vacation Planning

To Italy

Where to?

The destination in this vacation will be to 2 places in Italy, the city of Rome and the costal collection of towns called Cinque Terre. Rome has many sights to see such as the Vatican, the Colliseum, the Roman Forum, and many other things. Cinque Terre has many cool costal things with it being on the coast of the Mediterranean such as its crystal blue beaches and all of the unique seafood resturaunts the 5 towns have to offer.


Cinque Terre:


There are many nice hotels in Italy but I've picked out according to the specific destinations

Hotel 1:

Hotel Hassler Roma
Hotel Hassler Roma is a 5-star hotel set upon the Spanish Steps in Rome. The rooms have many nice additions such as satellite TV, a DVD player, and air conditioning. There is very many fancy dining options such as the Palm Court resturaunt equiped with ancient stone walls. The price of this hotel is $745 per night and there will be a total of 2 nights in this hotel which will even out to $1490 for the two nights.

Hotel 2:

Hotel Punta Mesco

Hotel Punta Mesco is a hotel on the coast of Cinque Terre. It has an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and fantasitic customer service. There are also many fun things around the hotel such as great seafood resturaunts and amazing places to swim in Cinque Terre's crystal blue water. There will be 3 nighs spent at this hotel and at about $178 per night it will total up to $534 per night.


We will take a plane that flies from Houston to Rome, Italy and back. There will be no need to take a plane to Cinque Terre because you can take a train there instead. The flight will be a round trip, there and back. The round trip will cost $1397 for both ways and for both people it will double to $2794 through the airline Delta. It will depart at 4:00pm and arrive at 6:05pm

Fun Activities

I have decided on 3 fun activities for the trip to Italy. The first is to visit the Coliseum. The Coliseum is an ancient Roman gladiator arena that they used thousands of years ago. It is a very cool sight to see at only $42.78 for both people. You can also take a walk to the Trevi Fountain for no charge for both people. One last thing to do would be swimming in the clear blue waters of Cinque Terre

Rental Car

You will only need a rental car for 2 days for Rome. It is not necessary for Cinque Terre because you will be taking a train and walking around. A Smart Car, which is best for Rome because everybody uses small cars, off of Expedia will cost $40 per day totaling to $80 for both days


The first restaurant is an gelato place called Giolitti's which will cost about $12 for both people. The second place, still in Rome, is Locanda Giuliva which is a dinner place that serves genuine Italian cuisine coming in at about $100 for both people. The third and final place is a restaurant that serves real Italian pizza called Opulentia coming in at about $20 for both people.

Total Price

The total price for everything including the rental car, airplane tickets, restaurants and everything comes out to a total of $5,073