My Random Thoughts

Joe O'Hagan

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I love to surf any time of the year, especially with friends. I just love the sport in general. I really love the ocean.

Job Opertunity; Surfer, photographer

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Understand blue prints and i am interested in it. I feel like architecture is something I could major in. Job oppertunity; Architect, Construction worker
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I love to fish, especially for bass. I believe I am very good at it. My whole family fishes. It is very relaxing and rewarding to me when i catch a fish.
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When I grow up and am able to buy my own house. I wish to buy a house on the beach.
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House boat.

I was always on a boat. When I settle down and have kids i want to buy a boat and teach them everything i was taught.
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I like to build and fix things. I believe it will be a good asset to have in life.
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I am certainly a dog person. There as been dogs in my life for as long as I have known. When I get out of school I will definitely get a puppy.

Job Oppertunity; Trainer, breeder

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I just started playing football this year. I had lots of fun.
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They are great. And there are so many to choose from. I wouldn't mind having a second job making these.
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I like to work on engines and stuff. My brother is reckless so i have to fix stuff sometimes. It interests me also.

Job oppertunity; engineer, designer.

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I enjoy skateboarding. Its a hobby and love the sport.People can do some pretty cool things on a skateboard.

Jobs; design skate shoes, design boards, grip tape, ect.

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Baseball is the sport for me. I am good at it and want to keep getting better and better at it.

Jobs;Professional baseball player, Camera man.