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August 30 Newsletter from BES Media Center


I have finished Orientation and 1st book checkout with 31 classes! They all did so well and it was sooo good to see so many of our Bulldogs again! We do have lots of new faces, too. The students were very patient with me as I tried to learn new names. They are very kind, thoughtful children!

Schedules and Orientation

Next week is Week A in the library. I will continue with Orientation and 1st book checkout with any classes I haven't already seen. I will begin the usual lessons with all kindergarten, 1st grade, and special needs classes.


2nd-5th grade students who come to the media center for orientation will be able to check out 2 books. They will also be able to come in and out to return their books whenever you give them permission. Kindergarteners and 1st graders will check out 1 book, but will not take it home until the teacher and I decide they are ready for that responsibility.


Please make sure that students who come to the media center have a pass from you. That is our way of knowing that they are in the media center with your permission.


If you have technology problems that you cannot resolve yourself, please go to the ICARE site (on the RCSD#1 site under "Teacher and Student Resources" and put in a ticket. If the problem is not resolved within a few days, please put in another ticket and cc me and Mark.


I think our 1st week of WBRN went well. All of the students were super. They "took over" totally on Tuesday. All I did was stand and watch!!! I am so proud of them!!!!

More iPads!!!

We just received another set of 50 iPads, and they will become available to you as soon as Nancy Swanson, our tech educator, sets them up and I put an Otterbox cover as well as a bar code label on each one. My goal is to have them ready for you by next Friday, Sept. 4. I am planning to spend all of next week setting them up for you.

Technology Education with Nancy

Please check the Professional Calendar that Mark distributed on our 1st workday to see what Nancy Swanson's schedule is for the year. Not only is she coming out for a full day every month, but she is at your disposal :) via email. Nancy is a wonderful resource.

Visual Literacy

I have put a colorful trifold about Richland One's Visual Literacy in every classroom teacher's mailbox. Please look at it and see if there are contests that might be of interest to you/your students. Now that I have blocked out a time to work with every single class, I am free to work with your students on any part. Just let me know!!!!

Accelerated Reader

If your class has chosen to participate in AR this year, you should have already received a list of usernames and passwords from me. If you have not, please let me know.Remember, in order to do STAR Reading tests, I must put students in for you.


Thanks for your patience as I trained students to be our news crews for this semester. Please remember to write down any announcements that you want us to make and put them in my mailbox. I will check @ 7am each morning so that our announcer can be ready with the news!

Innisbrook Fundraiser

We are collecting students' names in a box in the Media Center for our morning drawing those students who have sold Innisbrook wrapping paper. There is a coupon that they fill out and bring to us so that I can draw a name. Please send those down prior to 7:30 am.

We had our 1st drawing today! Congratulations to Charlie in Mrs. Lindsay's class!

eChalk and Marquee

Please email me with any information that you want posted to our web site and/or our LED marquee. Again, yet another way to keep parents informed of what we are doing at Brennen.

If you have read this far, you can see why I am a proud grandmother.

Hayden will come to Brennen to kindergarten in just a couple of years!!!!