Why We Eat What We Eat

By: Chase Hartsell

External Influences

  • Media - You may decide to eat something because you saw it advertised on TV
  • Economics - Some families may not be able to afford to make healthy food choices
  • Environmental - You probably eat more of a food because its in season in your area
  • Technological - If you don't have a microwave or a blender that may affect your food choices

Individual Influences

  • Physiological - People that live in different places eat different food.
  • Psychological - Some people eat when they're happy or bored.
  • Personal - Some people don't like certain foods.
  • Culture and Customs - Some cultures religion doesn't allow them to eat some foods.
  • Traditions - Most people eat turkey on Thanksgiving because its a tradition.

Healthy Food Choices

  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans - The USDA recommends that you fill 1/4 of your plate with grains, 1/4 of protein, 1/4 of fruits, 1/4 of vegetables and 3 cups of dairy.
  • Weight Management - It's important to make healthy food choices to stay at a healthy weight.
  • Physical Activity Needs - It's recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • MyPlate vs Food Pyramid - MyPlate is the updated version of the Food Pyramid.
  • Nutritional Labels on Packages - You should look at the nutrition label on a package to decide if its a healthy choice.
  • Special Diets - You may have a special diet because of your weight or health, for example, pregnant women are recommended to have no more than two servings of seafood a week and elderly people should try to get more fiber and limit fats.