June 2015

Our Vision: Support and grow the Prince William County school library community.

President's Message from Beth Bowen

Happy Summer! On behalf of the officers we wish you a restful and enjoyable summer. We are working hard to organize innovative events that will benefit our members and promote our association. As we enter this challenging era for our profession we need to form strong bonds that foster and promote our role in student learning and the school environment.

VAASL Summer Professional Development

PWSLA is sponsoring members to attend the VAASL Professional Development. If cost is the only factor preventing you from attending on July 21st, please email Beth Bowen to secure a scholarship to the event. The rest of the funds allotted will be distributed after the event to attending members. Register today!

Latinas for Latino Lit Summer Free Summer Reading Program

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"Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) developed the L4LL Latino children’s summer reading program. Piloting successfully in 2013 to great national recognition, this is the first, nationwide, online summer reading program specifically for Hispanic students and families.

The 2015 program continues reaching and engaging powerful gatekeepers and education stakeholders who are the key to developing and maintaining children’s literacy skills such as parents, educators, librarians, and community groups."

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Copyright © Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL)

Read to the Rhythm PSA

New PWC Program for Toddlers

PWC Library has initiated a new program for toddlers. While encouraging summer reading with your school age students, be sure to also promote this program for their younger siblings. You can link to the first printable tracking page here.

How to hire a Teacher Librarian by Jennifer Legarde

If you don't know Library Girl....take a peek at her blog. She's got such great and positive advice for us and our stake holders.

#vaslchat Summer Professional Read

Each summer Virginia librarians on and off Twitter vote to read a book for summer professional development. This summer the title Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions was the winning title. You do NOT have to be a Twitter user to be inspired by this title and to join in. Discussion transcripts will be archived regularly. Online text chats through Twitter will be held on these dates from 8-9 p.m. Email Carolyn Vibbert with any questions. or

June 16 - Chapters 1 and 2

June 30 - Chapters 3 and 4

July 7 - Chapters 5 and 6

July 21 - Practice QFT process

Aug 4 - Chapters 7 and 8

Aug 18 - Chapters 9 and 10

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