Monday Message

October 19, 2020


Penny Wars will kick off Monday, October 26.

We are raising funds to purchase a new sound system for the gymnasium. If you've been to any assemblies or more importantly class performances and our school musical you know that our system is VERY outdated (over 30 years old). It is not compatible with the sound board or microphones we use for our musicals. That is why last year the mics would often not work. :( For the last few years we have been saving a grant our PTA gives us (any funds they do not need to run PTA are granted to the school.) But, we are still almost $7,000 short for the purchase of a new sound system.

Please join with us in a fun 4 day activity to raise money for Art City. Please consider donating bills (any denomination) to your child's class bucket. Help them win the Silly String Battle! You can also donate in the office and we will count it toward your child's class.

Pennies and bills are “positive.” Here’s how it works: • Containers are located at each classroom • Each penny counts as one positive point for YOUR classroom • Dollar bills also count as positive points for YOUR classroom • Each silver coin counts as negative points for OTHER classrooms. In other words, dropping a quarter in another classroom’s bucket takes 25 points from their total • At the end of the day on October 29th, all change/points will be tallied and the TOP THREE classrooms with the most points will win a silly string battle Start saving your change—it can make a big difference!

TREATS: (added to class points)

1 penny = 1 point

1 dollar bill = 100 points

5 dollar bill = 500 points

10 dollar bill = 1,000 points

20 dollar bill = 2,000 points

50 dollar bill = 5,000 points

100 dollar bill = 10,000 points

TRICKS: (subtracted from class points)

1 nickel = 5 points

1 dime =10 points

1 quarter = 25 points

Students will have the first 10 minutes of the day to bomb other classes with silver coins.

Cute posters with all information will be on our website.

Inclement Weather

With the cooler weather comes the need for jackets in the mornings. Please write your child's name inside their coat. There are a lot of very nice, unclaimed coats each year. Remember, we will go outside unless the weather is below 20 degrees, or if it is raining or snowing. Please have your children dress accordingly. Our Cold and Inclement Weather Procedure can be found on our web page under 'Handbook'.

Up-Coming Events

10/19: Red/Green Ribbon Week - see below for dress up days

10/20: Last day to request change for remote vs in school learning for Term 2

10/22: School Community Council 3:00 conference room


10/29: End of Term 1, Parent Conferences via zoom

10/29: Celebrate Halloween at School - students may dress up

10/30: No School

11/3: Picture re-take day

11/13: No Pre-School

11/19: School Community Council 3:00 Conference Room

11/25-27: No School Thanksgiving Break


Art City Elementary Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 19th - 23rd

Daily Dress up and Theme

Monday Oct. 19th

“Proud to be Drug Free”

Wear red to kick off Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday Oct. 20th

“Sock it to Drugs”

Wear crazy socks

Wednesday Oct. 21st

“Be a Brave Hero and Say No to Drugs”

Dress up as a superhero or a community hero

(teacher, police officer, fireman)

Thursday Oct. 22nd

“Band Together to Say No to Drugs”

Wear bandanas, Band-Aids or a shirt of your favorite band

Friday Oct. 23rd

“Team Up to Lift Up”

Wear a sports team or Art City T-shirts (Go team Art City!)