Counseling Newsletter

April 4-8

Upcoming Return of Mr.Schweitzer :)

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had some well deserved relaxation and fun over the break.

Eric is returning next Monday, April 11. I look forward to learning from him as I stay to complete my internship until May 4th.

This week in Guidance..

Ms. Medford's class is continuing with the Second Step program and practicing apologizing. Ms.Olson's class is discussing ways to express and cope with anger. They will use some movement activities and games from as well.

Kindergarten is continuing the Second Step program through practicing asking for help and discussing that we all need help sometimes.

Third grade is starting Second Step's emotion management unit. They will be practicing stopping, naming the feeling, and then using a calming strategy.


8:30-9: Medford

9-9:30: Olson

1:30-2:15: Messer


10-10:30: Brown

1:30-2:15: Gillespie


10-10:30: McCrary

1:30-2:15: Lusk


9-9:30: Proctor

1:30-2:15: Kibbe


9:15-9:45: Christopher

10-10:30: Waldrop