Major Family Update

École Kingston East Elementary School - May 8th 2022

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Dear Families

What a great week filled with learning and special activities! A special shout-out to Mme Mawson's students for their impressive performance of Beurre Des Etoiles. Staff and students laughed and clapped enthusiastically! Congratulations to the student actors, and stage and sound crew! This week past week students were busy practicing and trying out for track and field events and many athletes participated in the LCVI Road Race. Congrats to the participants and coaches. Students participating in running club and road races are also eligible to to try out for Track and Field Long Distance events. We hope everyone is finding time to enjoy Mother's Day with your family!
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Forest of Reading

Over the last few months students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 have been engaging with books from the Forest of Reading program which highlights Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers. We had readers in the Blue Spruce, Silver Birch Express, and Silver Birch categories. Last week students got to cast their ballot for their favourite book! The results for the Canada-wide voting will be shared at the end of May.

Cyber Safety Presentations

Thank-you to Constable Bryan McMillan for speaking to Grade 5 and 6 students about safety online!
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PCBF Grant Yard Improvement Project

We have received an additional grant from the Pittsburgh Township for $10,000 towards our yard improvement projects. We are looking forward to having the first phase of outdoor classroom nodes with seating and chalkboards and storage units for outdoor learning materials storage. Please refer to the plans below for details. As well, tree planting will be an ongoing aspect to improve the shade and natural elements in the school yard. This fund will be added to the funds that SAC has already raised (about $30,000) and will be matched by Board funding that has been allocated. Construction for this phase is expected to occur over the summer. Many thanks to the Pittsburgh Community Development Fund for their continued support of our school community!

Outdoor Improvement Project -Phase 1

Coming up:

May is Asian Heritage Month and Jewish Heritage Month and Speech and Hearing Month

Drawing club in Library Day 2 am/ Day 3pm/ Day 5am

May 8th-Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 9th - Day 2

  • School Day Goes Live: Registration Letters Go Home to Families

Tuesday, May 10th- Day 3

  • Gillespie/Mundell Classes Trip to Gould Lake
  • Tryouts for 800m Race at 8:15 am

Wednesday, May 11th Day 4

  • Fairbairn/Adam Classes Trip to Gould Lake
  • Singing Club Grade 2 in Library

Thursday, May 12th -Day 5

  • Tryouts for 1200m Race at 8:15 am
  • Pilutti Trip to Glass Studio

Friday, May 6th -Day 1

  • Red Friday
  • Singing Club Grade 1@11:30 in library

Looking Ahead:

May 16th Trustees Renaming Visit and Walk on the Land 5:00 pm May 23rd Victoria Day

May 16th-Parent Inclusivity Workshop-see info below

May 24th -June 2nd EQAO primary provincial assessments

May 17th -Welcome to Kindergarten Open House 5 pm -6:15

May 18th -Sparks/Smith classes to Ruby's Acres

May 19th Moncrieff/Bishop & Rosillo to Ruby's Acres

May 26th -Hulse/Cassista Trip to Gould Lake

EKEES Spring Fling

Our staff is organizing a Spring Fling family event on June 14th (Rain date: June 15th). If you can help volunteer for some of the activity stations, please contact the school.
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Renaming Process Update

The renaming report was presented to Board Trustees this week. Many thanks to our students on the renaming committee for attending and speaking at the meeting. The renaming committee has put forward all four names for consideration:

Ecole Butternut Creek Elementary School

Ecole Forestview Elementary School

Ecole Maple Elementary School

Ecole Mapleview Elementary School

Trustees have been invited to a visit to the school and a walk on the land to take place on May 16th at 5 pm prior to voting for the final name.

Coming Soon! School Day & Cashless School Registration

EKEES is excited to offer our families a new secure portal to complete permissions and payments online. With School-Day: Permissions & Payments, you will be able to complete permission forms and payments from any web browser using your SmartPhone, tablet, laptop or desktop.Through this new online portal, you will be able to pay for items such as field trips, athletics, and special events and fundraisers.

The new easy-to-use portal will remove the risks associated with sending money to school with students, the frustration of lost or missing permission forms, and significantly reduce the amount of paper our school consumes. Our first step is getting EKEES families to register. Please look for information and individual code to come home with your student so that you can begin to register as of May 9th 2022.

Grade 6 Celebration-Save the Date-June 23rd

If you have a student in grade 6, it is the time of year when we begin to plan for transitions to grade 7. No matter what school they will be attending next year, we want to celebrate their time at EKEES. Please mark Thursday, June 23rd in your calendars. The event will take place during the school day and times and details will be confirmed and shared with Grade 6 families when planning is finalized.

Are you moving?

As we look to planning for next year's school organization, please let us know if you are moving so that we can update your contact information. If you do not plan on attending EKEES this coming school year, please notify us as soon possible by email or call the main office. This information will allow us to support student moves and transitions, and it helps us organize classes for September.

Save the Date-May 17th Welcome to Kindergarten

We have already received many new registrations for kindergarten in English and French Immersion programs. We will be welcoming newly registered families to visit our school on Tuesday, May 17th 5:00 -6:15 pm. This will be an opportunity to receive information about the kindergarten program and to tour the school. Staff are connecting by phone to personally invite families of registered students. Emails will also be sent to families that cannot be reached by phone with details about this event. Don't forget to register!

Kindergarten Registration

General Info about Kindergarten Registration:

If you are registering a student for Kindergarten for a new school year (September), children must turn age four (Year 1 Kindergarten) or age five (Year 2 Kindergarten) by December 31 of that year. Those students who are already enrolled in Year 1 Kindergarten do not register again.

In accordance with Board policy, students will be enrolled in the school designated within their boundary area, based on their home address. Proof of address must be provided to finalize the registration application.

To register, the legal parent/guardian (or the student if they are older than age 18) is asked to complete a registration application. You must complete all sections and provide the school with original documentation as required.

Instructions on how to register a new student using Aspen Online Registration Process

To find the name and location of your local school, enter the student’s home address into the Locate A School tool, or call our Planning Office at 613-544-6925 ext. 305 or 1-800-267-0935 ext. 305.

EQAO Grade 3 and 6 Provincial Assessments

Grade 3 and 6 teachers are beginning to plan for primary and junior provincial assessments that will begin to take place beginning the week of May 24th. Teachers will work with students to practice the online assessments and ensure that appropriate accommodations are in place. The assessments have been revised and shortened with an emphasis gathering some data for renewal and growth for our students. Sample assessments are available on the provincial EQAO website. More information and details will be shared directly with families of grade 3 and 6 students.

Visitors and Volunteers

As we resume in-person activities in our school, we will be welcoming volunteers, presenters, and other visitors. A reminder that if you are interested in volunteering at the school or on a field trip, you are required to provide a valid CPIC with a vulnerable screener check for the school to have on file. CPICs are good for three years with Offense Declarations completed in interim years. Please contact the main office if you have any questions.

Although pick-ups and drop offs will continue to be done outside, you may have an appointment scheduled with educators or support staff. All visitors must use the main entrance and must report to the main office where you will sign in and receive a visitor's tag. Please do not proceed into the building until you have reported to the main office for further direction.

Grade 7 French Immersion @ Module Vanier: Info for Grade 6 Students: Please follow video link below:

Module Vanier Gr.6 Virtual Open House

Key Protocol Changes

Masking and cohorting mandates for schools and on school transportation have been lifted as of March 21st. Please be assured that all students, families, and staff who choose to continue masking are encouraged to do so. All individuals with underlying health issues are also encouraged to continue to wear a mask. Please note that family members of symptomatic individuals in their household must wear a mask for 10 days and not participate in school-based activities where wearing a mask is not possible. Masking is also required upon return to school following isolation due to symptomatic/positive case and also upon return from international travel. Please refer to the daily screener for isolation and masking requirements.

  • Screening daily for COVID-19 symptoms continues to be a requirement. Staff and students are directed to stay home if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests will continue to be available for students and staff for symptomatic testing or returning from an unplanned absence.

For more information, please follow the links below.

Traffic Safety Reminders:

When you choose to bring a vehicle into a school zone or onto school property, you must be more mindful about safety and how you operate your vehicle. Please be present and watchful when you pick up or drop off children. Always drive slowly and watch for students at all times in our school zone. Thank-you for modelling safe and respectful interactions and respect for posted parking restrictions.
  • The one-way visitor parking lane is a no parking zone. Please do not park in the drop-off and fire lane in our round-about. This causes significant congestion at arrival and dismissal times.
  • Please consider parking in Park & Stride zones to reduce vehicle congestion.
  • Please do not drop off children in the main parking lot and school bus zones at arrival and dismissal.
  • Please encourage walkers to go to crossing guards and areas with staff supervisors to assist them and to choose paths that keep them clear of traffic at arrival and dismissal.

Thank-you for working with us to keep all students safe.

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Safe Arrival and Dismissal

Safe Arrival/Dismissal Reminders:
  • School supervision begins at 9:00 am on the schoolyard and the start of the school day 9:15 am. Dismissal is at 3:35 pm. Please follow the school day schedule as much as possible to establish good routines.
  • Please note, although students often take the time to greet and socialize with students from other classes, this is not a recess since all students are out at once. To ensure safety, students are encouraged to go to inner field and pavement as they arrive and should proceed to line up spots as it gets closer to 9:15 am.
  • Dogs are not permitted on school property.
Early Pick-Up
  • If you arrive between 3 pm and 3:35 for an unplanned pick up, please allow your child to remain in class learning until their class is dismissed and pick up at the class dismissal spot on the school yard.
  • If your child would usually take the bus, and you have arrived for an unplanned pick up, please notify the main office of this change so that the office can alert the teacher that you will meet the student at their class meeting spot.
  • As always, please communicate directly with your child's teacher about appointments or changes in dismissal procedures in advance.

Late Arrivals:

  • When dropping off young students, please ring the main entrance doorbell for assistance so that the main office can record their arrival and provide assistance. Please let office staff know if they will require staff assistance to get to their classroom. Visitors may not proceed into the building unless they have signed in at main office and have been provided a visitor's tag.
  • Older students who arrive a few minutes late are still usually able to find their classes on the school yard during staggered entry time. At all other times, they should be dropped off at main entrance.
  • Please be aware and respectful of parking restrictions in the school zone and parking lots. Please do not park in the Fire Lane.

EKEES School Advisory Council 2021-22

Please join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, June 7th at 6:30 pm in the library.

Chair: Goldie Brigden

Vice Chair: vacant

Treasurer: Allision Brehm

Secretary: Laura van Staalduinen

Volunteer Coordinator: vacant

Fundraising Coordinator: Emily Edwards

Communications Coordinator: Sonja Taylor

Indigenous Family Representative: Melanie Howard

Division representatives (up to 2 each for Kindergarten, Primary, Junior)

Kindergarten: Erin Caudle and Melissa Grant

Primary: Kayley Miller

Junior: Tammy Hardy

PIC rep: Christine Innocente

Message from Melanie Howard, EKEES Indigenous Family Rep

Shé:kon EKEES community, my name is Melanie Howard and I am the Indigenous Family Representative on the School Council this year. My EKEES student and I are turtle clan Kanien’kehá:ka and members of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, a First Nation located northeast of Montréal. The majority of our extended family continues to live and work on Haudenosaunee territories in Quebec and southern Ontario. As the Indigenous Family Representative to council, I am interested in meeting other First Nations, Métis and Inuit families from our school, and would be happy to hear from you at my personal email, . Skennen!

Bus Delays and Cancellations

Winter weather may result in bus cancellations or delays. Families should ensure they are signed up to receive direct notifications, either by email, or Tri-Board’s app. Delays and cancellations are also posted to Tri-Board’s Twitter account. Please have a back-up plan including transportation home if your child's bus is cancelled! A reminder that supervision of students is not available until 9:00 am. Please do not drop off your child at school before that time.

· Subscribe by email to specific bus routes

· Instructions on how to download the BusPlanner Delays App

· Follow TriBoard on Twitter

Majors Spirit Clothing E-Store Link

Please follow this link to browse the EKEES school clothing selections for students, staff & parents.

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Allergy Alert

A reminder that we are an allergy aware school. We have many students with peanut/tree nut allergies that have life threatening reactions. Thank you for not sending any peanut or tree nut products in your child's lunch. In addition, we have some other class specific allergies in some of our classes. This information will be shared where applicable. Please refrain from sending homemade treats for the class. On special occasions when you may wish to send treats for the class, these must be pre-packaged and allergen safe. Teachers will communicate protocols for their class.

Lastly, we also have several staff and students with scent allergies and sensitivities. Thank-you for not sending any heavily scented hand sanitizers to school with your child.

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School Hours

Our school day schedule is as follows for primary and junior classes:

9:15-11:15 - 120 mins

11:15--11:55 - recess/nutrition

11:55 -1:35 - 100 mins

1:35-2:15 - recess/nutrition

2:15-3:35 - 80 mins

Office Hours

Our main office administrators, Aimee Hodder, Lisa Wright, and Meghan Uzenko will be happy to assist parents and families. If you have any questions, or need to speak to a staff member, please send us an email or call or (613-650-5478) between 8:30 am-4:00 pm.