Career Center Weekly Update

March 21, 2016

UGA Career Center

APPOINTMENTS: Call (706) 542-3375. No appointments are scheduled via email.

WALK-IN HOURS: 12-2pm, Monday-Friday in the Career Center computer lab.

SATELLITE HOURS: Click on your Career Consultant's name to see when they are coming close to you!

Still job searching? Checkout the ways employed #UGA16 students reported finding their job:

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SEC/ACC Virtual Career Fair - Register now!

April 5th and 6th

Students and alumni, meet recruiters live's easy and efficient!

Full-time, Internship and Co-op jobs - ALL MAJORS invited


*Chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Join the next UGA Virtual Networking Hour!

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Career Advice from Alumni in Public and International Affairs

Tuesday, March 22nd



  • Students, get connected to alumni in various public and international affairs fields to find out how to make the most of your college experience, prepare for interviews, and how to land that dream job! You can chat with up to six alumni in an hour period, all online!
  • Alumni, connect with students pursuing degrees in public and international affairs! Share your wisdom and expertise, scope out new talent, and encourage the next generation of professionals. We have provided three areas of focus for discussion, including: how to advance in your career, how to prepare for an interview, and how to stand out in the job search. However, feel free to share any additional insights you have!

Booths (3): how to advance in your career, how to prepare for an interview, how to stand out in the job search

Register here!

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Explore Lab - Exploring Majors Workshop*

Tuesday, March 22nd

3:30 - 5:00pm

Clark Howell Hall, Room 246 (Computer Lab)

*Open to first and second year students only


Tuesday, March 22nd

5:00 - 6:30pm

MLC 150

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Questions that will be answered by employers:

  • Why should a student consider an internship?
  • What things are you looking for when reviewing internship applications?
  • What qualities make up an outstanding intern?
  • What would you say to a student who was worried about asking too many questions or making a mistake during their internship?
  • How should a student go about networking while at their summer internship?
  • What would you tell a student who was interested in turning their internship into a full-time gig post-graduation?
  • How might a student make the most out of a negative summer internship?
  • What are your final tips for ensuring a successful summer internship?

The University of Georgia Career Center

The Career Center can help you with:

  • Choosing a major/career
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing
  • Getting into graduate school/finding a job
& anything else career-related!

FOR APPOINTMENTS: call 706-542-3375. No appointments are scheduled via email.

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Finding Your Career Fit

by Kali DeWald, UGA Career Consultant for Undecided Students

When helping students and alumni find their ideal careers and majors, career consultants focus on four main areas, and we ask questions about these areas in an attempt to get to know you better and assess what kind of work and work environment might be best for you. These are four areas that you can reflect upon at home, too.

Read the entire article on the Career Center blog!

5 Myths About Negotiating Salary

by Alison Green, US News & Word Report: Money

Job seekers get more nervous about negotiating salary than seemingly any other part of the job application process. Negotiation doesn't come naturally to most people, and they're often not sure how hard to push for more money, or whether to push at all.

Here are five myths you might believe about negotiating salary, and why they're wrong.

Read the entire article on here.

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May’16 Graduates, if you have secured employment or been accepted into a graduate program after graduating from UGA, please let us know and be entered for a chance to win an Apple Watch!

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Meet Your Career Consultant

Click Here to identify your Career Consultant. Click on their name to learn more about their backgrounds, walk-in hours & satellite hours.

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* All University of Georgia Career Center sponsored events are for UGA students and alumni only.

* The Career Center is committed to providing access for all people with disabilities and will provide accommodations if notified in advance. To request accommodations please contact us at 706-542-3375.

* To help ensure a pleasant & productive environment for all participants, please follow these guidelines:

1. Respect all participants (employers, job seekers, & staff).

2. Appropriate attire is required and is determined by event. Some events require Professional or Business Attire.

3. For safety reasons, the doorways to the event (inside & out) & the surrounding areas must be kept clear at all times.

4. Participants are expected to cooperate with all reasonable requests made by members of the staff & all reasonable requests of any person acting in an official capacity as a representative of the participating institutions.

5. If questions or concerns arise during the event, please contact a member of the Career Center staff for assistance.


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