Apps For Music!

Stephen Fong - EDU 210


Noteflight is an app for online collaborative composition or music notation that can be used on mobile devices and PC's. It has a very functional free version or can be used under a reasonably priced education licence that includes further features.

This is a great tool for students to use to create rhythmic challenges for each other, or even full blown compositions. It can also be used to transcribe parts from one instrument to another (if for example, you have no french horns and are transcribing horn parts for alto saxophone) or by a teacher looking to notate particular exercises for a section or an individual.

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forScore is a music score app for IOS, that provides a way to store, manage and annotate musical scores on an iPad. Though not particularly cheep, having the app for even a few devices in a classroom opens up some interesting possibilities.

For example, as part of stationed learning activities, students could work to annotate, save and print (via cloud) their own uniquely marked parts for a piece they are working on in band, helping them take pride and ownership of their music. Students can also use this software in conjunction with databases like IMSLP to import and view public domain scores and music on their mobile devices.

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MusicFirst is technically a music-specific learning management system (LMS), however because it is also a suite of music apps I have included it on this list. It costs roughly $3 a student/year.

Because MusicFirst is tailored specifically for setting up an online music classroom it has many benefits over using a traditional LMS. For example, there are easy defaults that allow students to submit playing tests, work with music notation software, or work through ear training lessons.

MusicFirst Online Classroom Case Study: East Brunswick High School

Dr. Beat

Dr. Beat is a free metronome app for chrome. With a number of subdivision options, this is a great tool for any music classroom that regularly uses chrome books.

Rather than using handheld metronomes which are prone to breaking, getting lost and running out of batteries. Students could, for example, simply sign out a Chromebook when they go to use a practice room and make use of this metronome app.

Dr. Beat 1.0.8 - Metronome for Chrome

goodEar Pro

GoodEar Pro is an IOS app that gives students a way to practice music theory and ear training on their own or with a school provided mobile device. Covering chords, melodies, scales and intervals, it is fairly reasonably priced at around $5 Canadian.

While this could be used for whole class assignments or as part of a required ear training regime, I personally see this finding use in my classroom for select students who either need additional ear training support (ie. a way to work on musicianship skills at home) or for particularly advanced students who require greater challenges and more extensive training than we have time for in class.

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