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Fitness-  The Mighty Workout Buddy!

Fitness- The Mighty Workout Buddy!

We all enjoy eating healthy and keeping up with good fitness practices. However, many of us will usually not engage in going to the gym to exercise unless we invite a workout buddy.

The Tank Top three reasons why one would prefer to go to the gym with someone else, instead of alone, are listed below:

1. Get Out Of Your House!

We all need motivation. Many people usually do not feel like leaving the comfort of their own homes to go sweat all over their sexy and awesome Gym wear in public and move their body in crazy positions in front of strangers, to work out all alone. However, if one was to call a friend to join them, they would not only have the responsibility of showing up, they would also feel the accountability of doing their entire training routine from start to finish regardless of how silly they think they look. Plus, it helps to have someone to talk to and help carry huge workout bags when needed.

2. Help… It’s A Machine!

Many of us can attest to the fact that we have never been comfortable on gym machines. Even when they are used frequently, some may still feel akward and need some reassurance. They may feel the need to have someone there available to tell them if their form is good or not. Plus, it just feels nice to have someone there in general. Buddies can offer to hold each others gym towel and keep track of each others reps so that one can individually concentrate and focus on resistance and range of motion. It is as if both people become personal trainers for one another for free!

3. Support!

Some of us need more support than others. The fact that some people perform better with a friend at their side does not mean that they are weak or emotionally needy. It simply stresses the importance of encouragement and knowing that we are not alone when it comes to fitness. People need people and it is practical and wise for us to set a schedule to work out with a buddy in order to make life healthier and our bodies more effective.

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