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A message from D230 Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay

Making connections, even from afar

August 28, 2020

As we conclude our first full week of remote learning, I am inspired by the efforts our staff are undertaking in order to make meaningful connections with students. In District 230 we firmly believe that learning happens when there is a supportive relationship between teacher and student as well as among students within a class.

As I've visited the schools this week, I've seen teachers actively engaged in building these relationships. I've stuck my head into many classrooms to see teachers passionately teaching. And some have even invited me to say hi to students online and welcome them to the school year. It's great to see their faces and hear how excited they are to learn and to connect.

I've seen support staff working alongside administrators to stuff packets of information and materials for students as well as registering new students for this year. Administrators are working with staff to assure they have everything they need and keep the schools running smoothly. School counselors, social workers, and psychologists are supporting students' social and emotional needs. Custodians are working tirelessly to keep our buildings clean and safe. Our schools are buzzing with activity.

While we all would prefer to be in class together at school, it's exciting to see how our schools are doing their best to make these learning experiences memorable and meaningful.

As one example of the thousands of connections that have been made as the year began, this video gives us a chance to hear from Sandburg High School Freshmen English Teacher Victoria Phillips about how she is working with her students "to build a class community that will help us feel connected, even from afar." This is Victoria's first year in District 230 and she's already making us #D230Proud! Take a look.

Dr. Jim Gay

Building a classroom community, even from afar