Second Grade Rock Stars

Tour News!

The Habitat Design experts from the folsom zoo

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Next on tour: Upcoming Events

Coming on Tour Soon:

  • 05/20: Open House for Del Paso at 6:00pm
  • 05/21: Board Meeting Workshop (5:30pm on Pebblewood Campus)
  • 05/22: Spirit Day- Mix and Match
  • 05/22: NWEA Testing (Reading)
  • 05/25: No School
  • 05/28: NWEA Testing (Language)
  • 05/29: NWEA Testing (Math)
  • 06/03: Second Grade Poetry Slam 5:00-6:15pm
  • 06/17: Field Day (Last Day of School)

Our Field Trip

Second Grade IMAX Field Trip

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

In math we have been reviewing on measurement, time, and beginning to learn about division. We have been comparing and contrasting division with our understanding of multiplication.

In poetry, we wrote cinquains to show our expert knowledge of the habitat that we studied in depth and finished putting the final touches on our zoologists to place our habitat cinquains in them.

In Science we got some advise from two real-life habitat design experts that work at the Folsom Zoo! They stopped by our room and gave us ideas about what things to keep in mind as we design, such as enrichment for the animals. We also stopped by IMAX theater and watched a movie about Lemurs and their changing habitat. It was inspiring to see all that goes behind researching an animal, the efforts to protect their habitat, and the education of the people that has to happen that exist near that animal's habitat to ensure that animals to no become extinct. We finished worked on our habitat exhibit designs and our letters to the experts. We have some students who will be writing to oceanographers, zoo designers, sanctuary experts, coastal marine sanctuaries, as well as two students are writing to Sacramento City Council (since their animals are endangered in our area and they are notifying them of the animal as well as how to help our nearby habitat to support their needs.)

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Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Division and review of money, shapes, and word problems

Reading: Comparing and contrasting, points made in persuasive arguments

Writing: Persuasive Writing and Poetry

Language: Review

Conventions: Punctuation and Spelling

Science: Habitats!

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We can't wait to see you at Open House. It begins at 6:00pm on the Del Paso Campus on Wednesday, May 20th! Download a free QR scanner reader on your phone or tablet and bring them with you! We look forward to you being able to scan to see the learning process of the most recent learning project about habitats!
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Questions to ask your child...

  • What does your design of your habitat include?
  • What is one specific plant that is in your animal's habitat? How does it use it?
  • What does your animal eat?
  • Can you name all of the things your animal needs to survive?
  • What is the difference between multiplication and division?

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