Exploring the Underground Railroad

by: Nagu Singirikonda


For all the enslaved Africans seeking freedom, lead yourself into a journey through the Underground Railroad with brave and helpful people.

How to escape

Running away at night is the best option. You will catch close to no attention and you can hide during the day. Follow the overseers to avoid getting caught by the whites who flog the ones who get caught and stay close to other "darkies" as referred to by the whites. The night is also the best time to avoid catchers and dogs, and to gather food. In order to travel north without a compass or map, use either the North Star, or the moss of the tree trunks of trees that only grows on the north side.

Specific Routes

The biggest and most efficient way to travel to the North into the free states is by following the Mississippi river. It stretches from New Orleans in Louisiana, to Memphis in Tennessee, all the way up to Chicago. However on the East Coast and most of the "black belt", slaves could follow the Appalachian mountains, up through Baltimore and into New York.


Once the journey has concluded, fight to end slavery with abolitionists such as Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey. Get rid of the South's peculiar institution.