ISSUE 16 | Friday 6 January 2017




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College Performance Dashboard

Excellent work has commenced on creating an accessible and live Key Performance Indicator Dashboard for our college. You can view the progress made by going to Eric.


Well Done MIS team.


New Year , New Challenges, New College Team

A very warm welcome back to you all, I hope you had a pleasant and enjoyable festive break.

I am delighted with the show of enthusiasm and excitement during this first week back after the Christmas break evident from day one at our all staff training event. Also your positive and determined attitude towards the publication of our Ofsted report. We certainly know that we are on pathway to excellence and our journey has firmly begun.

This issue of the VOICE will be dedicated to introducing our new College Leadership Team, during the Shadow structure. In order to ensure colleagues will assume their full responsibility they are in their new positions temporarily during the shadow structure. I will be sharing with you the remainder of the curriculum team next week.

I would also like to bring to your attention that further to the publication of our Ofsted report, we have a 3 day visit from Deputy FE commissioner Marylin Hawkins and Antoinette Lythgoe FE commissioner adviser who will be conducting a mini inspection of the college reviewing our Post Inspection Quality Improvement Plan, Progress made to date from the date of our inspection and make a judgement as to what level of intervention the college may need. They will be keen to establish the capability of our organisation, its leadership and its planning and implementation to achieve intended outcomes. It is of utmost importance that the confidence we all have in our College, our colleagues and our plans are demonstrated during their 3 day visit. They will be feeding back to me on Friday around lunch time and I hope to be able to share their feedback to you as soon as possible.

As explained in the all staff briefings previously it is of utmost importance that we demonstrate a good level of progress, a sound understanding of the key issues and a robust plan to dealing with the areas for improvement. This is a thorough examination of the College approach and the impact of our actions to date. I know that you will all pull together and ensure that we showcase the best of Epping Forest College during their visit.

The FE Commissioner colleagues will arrive at 8:30 on Wednesday 11 January 2017. They will be roaming the College, visiting classes, meeting with governors, staff and student. Similar to the Ofsted visit there is no conversation as an informal conversation so please be sure that you will highlight all the good work we are doing at the College. They will be keen to see that we have taken swift actions that has already shown an impact on the issues that were identified in our report: Safeguarding, Student Behaviour, Quality of Teaching , Learning and Assessment, and many more.

We also have notification for the first Review Monitoring Visit from Ofsted that will take place on 26 January 2017. During this visit. Matt Vaughan Senior HMI East of England will be conducting a mini inspection including observation of classes, learning walks and meeting with staff and student. We know that over the next 15 months the College will be under high level of scrutiny. We will welcome these intervention that all intend to help and support us on our way to become an outstanding provider of education by 2020.

So big smiles, your kindest hosting skills at hand and let's showcase the best of EFC.

I will be outlining an overview of their schedule at the all staff briefing next week.

Have a great weekend and enjoy reading about our new College Leadership Team.



Steve Greenwood- Deputy Principal Learning and Quality Standards

I am a former creative media teacher who became a Director of Quality and college nominee in Wiltshire and was graded as “Outstanding” in my directorate by Ofsted. Following this, I set up my own management consultancy from 2011-16 working at colleges across the UK, including three London colleges before EFC. Most recently, I have worked as a consultant for Newcastle College (one of the biggest in UK) helping them move up to ‘good’ in their June 2016 inspection.”

I like the challenge here at EFC and I can see this team of staff achieving a great college swiftly. I love what I do because I see the differences and improvements every day and because I have a passion for learners to have the best.

My ancestors feature among Loughton’s most famous former residents.. have a look for Major Greenwood on google and you will find my great grandfather…!

Working for the college as your Deputy Principal is a job that I relish and I will give you 100%.

May Dare- Director of Finance and Operations

I am a Chartered Certified Accountant with over with over 30 years post qualification experience. 24 years of this experience has been as a Senior Executive with responsibilities for corporate services.

I have worked as an interim VP Finance and Finance Director in a couple of Colleges and other institution post leaving Hackney Community College in July last year. I worked as the UK Vice President Finance and Administration with Olympia and York, who developed and built Canary Wharf in Docklands. Had a number of Accounting positions including being the Group Accountants for manufacturing company.

My key competencies include;

Leading Teams, Strategy and Planning , Executing for Results, Building relationships and Influence, Personal and Behavioural.

I am looking forward to working with the College leadership team in ensuring successful transformation of the EFC to a high performing and outstanding College.

In terms of other interest, I am an Arsenal Football Club supporter and dedicated and unapologetic ‘Gunner’.

Rowan Hartfree-Pearce- Director of Learning with responsibility for Adult Learning provision

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as one of the new Directories of Learning, who in my new capacity look forward to the challenges ahead and being part of one team who put this college back on the map as a college of excellence and choice.

Many of you know me, but for those who don't, I have worked here at EFC for many years and in many job roles. In the past few years I have been curriculum manager for Art & Design and A Levels and have had the privilege of working collaboratively with many other departments across the college. However under my new role I will be working with people I haven't worked with before and look forward to the opportunities that will bring and hope they welcome me and treat me gently!!

As many of you know my background is Art and Design and I started out in my career as a Graphic design, however that seems such a long time ago and now I'm an educator and that's my passion.

Phil Hall- Director of Learning with responsibility for Study Programmes

As many of you will know I am passionate about this college and committed to helping make it an aspirational destination for students, staff, and the local community.

I have undertaken many roles in further education; technician, part and full time lecturer, tutor, course co-ordinator, head of department, head of centre, and assistant principal. I bring this experience and my knowledge of this College to the new leadership team as we make the changes needed to improve our College for the future.

I am looking forward to working with the Construction, Motor Vehicle and IT teams in my new role as Director of Learning in our shadow structure and specifically ensuring we are supporting, inspiring and challenging all of our students to be the very best they can be.

I am also secretly keen to start wearing safety boots, a hard hat and putting my scaffolding tower erection certificate to good use !

Leslyn Linton-Proctor- Director of Learning with responsibility for High Needs and Maths and English

Unfortunately Leslyn is unwell and will be providing a biog upon her return. Enough to be said she is a valuable member of the new College Leadership Team and we hope she returns soon.

Shaun Clifford- Director of learning with responsiblity for Learner performance and behaviour

I started out as a football coach at Charlton Athletic. Between coaching sessions, I got introduced to FE and began doing a few hours teaching. That was twelve years ago, and I haven't looked back.

Having previously worked at SEEVIC College, I've been at EFC since 2008. During my time here I've been called many things, the repeatable ones being; Lecturer; FESCO; Advanced Practitioner; Section Leader; Curriculum Manager; and now Director of Learning.

Although I enjoy working hard, it's important to have a work life balance and in my spare time I enjoy data analysis, curriculum planning, timetabling and socialising with my friend. Coming from a Sports background, it has been great to set up partnerships with Tottenham Hotspur and The London Lions here at EFC. I still like to play and keep fit; so hopefully I will see you in The Gym!

It's such an exciting time to be at the college; a great chance for us all to work together to build something special. I'm proud to be part of the EFC Team!

Vereen Ryan- Quality and CPD and tutorial Management and coordination

I am passionate about empowering and transforming the lives of young people through education, training and support. I have worked in education for over 20 years in both curriculum and student services areas occupying a number of roles from curriculum manager/senior tutor to principal of a 6th form college. My only motivation for the different roles I took on was the extent to which it enabled me to help to make a difference for the learner.

I have extensive working knowledge and experience of devising effective strategies that support learning and achievement, of creating a learning environment that is inspiring and supportive. The one defining thing about me is that I care about the learner and get pleasure from seeing them develop and grow. One of my learners once said to me “being in your 6th form has helped to make me a better person” which for me translated into the staff team at the 6th form had done an excellent job. I am excited to be here at EFC at such a pivotal time in its journey to becoming outstanding and feel privileged to be working with a committed team of people.

I go running in my local park at least twice a week and will occasionally stop to have a chat with the ducks, goats and reindeers.

Ginny Kerridge- MIS and Funding Manager

I have spent the last five years as an independent FE Consultant, following on from five years with KPMG and RSM as FE Consultant and Funding Audit Manager.

After 22 years before that in a range of roles from IT lecturer to Director of Planning and Information in two colleges I can say that what I like about Epping Forest College is that there is a great atmosphere around the College and a real will to get it right. This means that we can all look forward to seeing significant improvements for students over the next few months.

Jac Romo- Head of HR

For those that do not know me my name is Jacinto Romo Munoz and I’m part of the HR team at the College, where I have been for the last 12 years (how time flies when you are having fun)!

Prior to that I had numerous jobs in the HR field including working as a consultant, HR systems implementations, and working on strategic major projects for large organisations. In total over 35 years worth of experience in HR.

I can however say that the last 12 years have been the most rewarding and pleasurable years in my career, there has not been a day that I have not enjoyed coming to work at the College.

We are now at a crossroad at the college and while my role has not changed the challenges that we face together give me hope for the future of the College. Knowing the majority of you quite well and by speaking to you on a personal level I am confident that not only do we have the ability to turn things around but more importantly the desire and commitment to do so. I feel very privileged working with such great colleagues.

Celia Robotham- Covering for Leslyn temporarily.

I started my working career as a Beauty Therapist and Fitness Instructor in Bermuda whilst completing a distance learning programme at the University of Massachusetts, Boston USA. When I returned to the UK I entered the FE sector as a part-time Lecturer. I gained my first management post at Walsall College in 1996 and my previous management responsibilities have included; Safeguarding, learning and teaching, quality improvement and curriculum management across a breadth of curriculum areas. I am passionate about Education and devote much of my free time as Lead Governor for Curriculum and Safeguarding at a Secondary School.

For me, it is a privilege to be able to see learners develop and grow in their talents and confidence and I take inspiration from them every day. I am excited to be part of the EFC team as we embark on the journey to excellence together. My aim will be to ensure that our learners enjoy their time with us and will leave equipped with employability skills, qualifications and practical knowledge that will help them progress to higher education or employment.

Tim Yeandle- Quality, CPD and Tutorial Management and Coordination

Tim , will be joining us next week. His biography will be shared next week.

Yvonne Malpass- Head of Innovation and Enterprise

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. My name is Yvonne Malpass, your new Interim Manager for Enterprise and Innovation. I was thrilled to be offered this job, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to build great new personal and professional relationships with each team in the college. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this opportunity to be part of this new and exciting journey at EFC and look forward to the challenge.

Prior to working at EFC I have had over 25years experience in a range of educational roles such as managing the Greater Birmingham Retail Academy, Head of School, organising national competitions, Line lead for 14-19 Diplomas and as an external verifier for 2 award bodies.

Now, I look forward to this new position and I am quite anxious to get started with these new challenges and will be visiting each curriculum team as I am extremely interested to hear all your enterprising ideas which would support the local and regional community.

On a personal level I am extremely passionate about supporting and developing learners to enhance their creative skills and enter regional and national competitions.



Would you like help with any of the following:

  • Confidential advice on tackling a tricky issue at work?
  • Ideas and suggestions for teaching part of your syllabus in a more engaging and energising way?
  • Support in moving forward on any of the TLA issues raised by Ofsted?
  • Dealing with overload without getting overwhelmed?

If you would, then 'The College Help' run by Arnie, is set up to help you - it's confidential, free of charge, and you can use the service as often as you like. Just send your request, with your contact preferences, to Arnie through his confidential email: arnieskelton@etduk.co.uk and he will get back to you.

Please find below some feedback from staff who have already recieved support:

"Brilliant. I had an issue I needed to discuss with someone I could trust and Arnie was really helpful,"

"I have been struggling trying to find an engaging way to teach part of my syllabus. I sent my concerns to Arnie and he replied with 6 fresh options, 2 of which, really worked."

"Confidential, quick and very helpful. Sound practical advice, which gave me a positive way forward."




  • My team is fantastic and I think all teams in the College should be like ours – anon
  • The teachers in the salon – Hair & Beauty


  • Not enough healthy food

Check out the pod in Reception and The Street as well as The Refectory. We have salad bars, salad sandwiches and plenty of fruit. If you cannot find these, ask a member of staff.


All ideas are passed on to the relevant persons. Keep them coming!!

  • Heavier dumbbells
  • Healthier food in the canteen
  • Change the Hair & Beauty uniform
  • Need more of a reward for students with 100% attendance
  • Bigger hair & beauty lockers
  • Shut the canteen later than 2pm
  • Option uniform e.g. dresses or trousers



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Russell Purser - Delivering Excellent Service

We were asked yesterday by Vanessa Heady, Prep for work & life to put on a series of trade sessions for learners, I spoke to Russ this morning and he went on to prepare a deliver a really great session that all the learners fed back they enjoyed. He will take on any task and do a good job with humour and enthusiasm and never a moan.

Raquel Murray - Putting Students First

The way she works with the learners is outstanding and the affect it is having on their attendance and timekeeping can only have a really positive affect on their learning outcomes. She also doesn’t stop at chasing them but will follow up on issues of timetable or support looking to resolve problems not just nag or chastise.

Andrew Jackson - Exceeding Expectations

Andrew made the staff development day for support services team interesting and amazing by taking part in the Robin Hood activity at short notice. He was great and made the exercise a very enjoyable one.

Harlem Mazueto - Delivering Excellent Service

Harlem agreed to open the College during the Christmas break so we can have a planning day in advance of the new term despite having been ill over Christmas.



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View submitted ideas here: https://elevator.jisc.ac.uk/e/mad-digital-efc



The Tourism and Aviation department were very busy just before Christmas.

The Level 2 Air Cabin Crew students went to Monarch Airlines training centre where the spent the day in the practical training facilities at Luton to completing SEP (Safety and Emergency procedures training) Some of the activities they took part in where:

  • Door/exit opening/closing arming and disarming, emergency operation with power assist and power assist fail
  • Practical firefighting scenarios to include donning smoke hoods and using firefighting equipment. Our facilities include fighting fires in an overhead locker, passenger seat, toilet and oven fires using simulated smoke and flames.
  • Donning of smoke hoods in a smoke filled cabin.
  • A practical slide descent allows students the unique experience of evacuating an aircraft down an escape slide. Monarch offer two descents, ‘sit and slide’ and ‘jump and slide’

The Aviation Operations students travelled to Stansted to visit SWISSPORT and look at the different job roles on offer they even had an opportunity to shadow staff on check-in. The students are enjoying the new course but found the trip to Stansted to really open their eyes to the opportunities available to them at the end of the course, and even saw previous students working at the airport.

Coffee morning with CLT and Governors- Every Thursday 8:15-8:45

Thursday, Jan. 12th, 8:15-8:45am

Canteen @EFC

This is a weekly event. Come and have a coffee and a chat with the College Leadership Team and members of the Governing Board.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.