South Carolina

Where the sun never stops shinning


Charleston was called Charles Town. It was renamed on 1670. The first settlers arrived at Charleston, the climate was semitropical. Their soil was very fertile, and the best part was the growing season was up to 295 days a year. This is why they were so successful in farming.

Most Prosperous

I keep hearing that if you were an amazing planter you would be set in South Carolina. All my wealthy English planter friends came with me on this new adventure. I remember when I got to Charleston I was so excited to start making money. I started my own crops I had indigo, rice and Sea Island cotton. It helped that I had the Atlantic Ocean right there which make crop exports so much easier for me. Everyone depended on slave labor on our large plantations. It was hard living here we had to fend off the threat of pirates. We also had wars with the local Indians. Our colony was the most prosperous colony I have been too. We developed a system of laws and self-government. We had religious freedom which was amazing. I later made another huge plantation with tobacco and sugar. I was making allot of profit from all my plantations. My plantations were so big they became self-sufficient. You name it I had it from blacksmiths shop, laundry, smokehouse and barns. I also traded for items that I could not make like shoes, lace, thread, farm tools and dishes. We were growing as a colony and we were doing very well.

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