I speak for the trees.

Raechel Marsh

  • Content Area: Earth/Environmental Science
  • Standard: EEn.2.2.1 Explain the consequences of human activities on the lithosphere (such as mining, deforestation, agriculture, overgrazing, urbanization, and land use) past and present.
  • Grade: 11-12
  • Theme: Impacts of Deforestation

This text set is created to enhance student understanding of the human impacts of deforestation. The text set is designed to be used in an Earth/Environmental Science class.

The Lorax

The Lorax will be used as an introduction to this unit on deforestation and pollution. The Lorax is about the Once-ler who describes the results of the local pollution and deforestation problem. This pollution is caused by deforestation of the trees and by pollution coming from a factory. This will give students a basic idea of the concept of deforestation.

Seuss, D. (1971). The Lorax. New York: Random House Children's Books.

Rain Forest

This article from National Geographic goes into detail about the deforestation is, what causes it, and the impacts that it has. This article would be used to enhance understanding of the concept on deforestation.


Deforestation Threatens the Amazon

This video comes from ABC News. The video shows that impact of deforestation on a town in Brazil. This shows that deforestation can harm the environment and can harm the people involved in it. This video will be shown to enhance student understanding of the impacts of deforestation.

Before it’s too late.

This picture really shows one of the impacts of deforestation. I think it makes a very strong statement about how deforestation causes problems with the air we breathe. This picture could be shown to enhance student understanding of the impacts of deforestation.
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