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New York World paper and New York Journals of events on Cuba

The New York World Paper and New York Journals are two different things but they are alike. They are alike because they both made their own comic. The Struggle with them are that Yellow kid was a part of a larger "Newspaper war" in New York City during the 1890's. Then later on their was comics and posters that where completely made up that changed the world because they where lies about places and they where a exaggerated type of writing.

The people of Cuba wanted to be independent from the Spanish and that made the Spanish mad so they rejected all of the things that Cuba wanted. Then their was more trouble because the United States wanted to trade with them for goods while they where still owned to the Spanish. Then the Cubans rebelled once again and tried to fight for their rights with the Spanish. The Spanish and Cubans where done with arguing and started the war that was called Guerrilla warfare. Then a Spanish guy named Weyler forced ten of thousands of Cubans into Reconcentration camps. These camps where overcrowded, unsanitary prison camps provided little food or shelter, causing thousands of deaths from disease and starvation.

I think that the two comics and how they started getting business by exaggeration was a pretty bad idea because they where telling wrong and not true information that could get them in major trouble later on and change the U.S. Basically it could start a war with another land if the lying and exaggeration gets bad enough.

Reconcentraion camps where places where people were forced to go that where overcrowded places that where like prisons and the people that got forced to go their had little food and a lot of them died due to starvation or diseases.

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The De Lome letter and the Explosion of the USS Maine

The De Lome letter was addressed to a friend in Cuba but was somehow stolen from the mail and sent to the journal for publication. In the letter, de Lome called President McKinley 'Weak and catering to the rabble and, besides, a low politician." Americans where offended by this criticism of their president. De Lome offered his resignation, but the damage was done. The Publishing of this letter intensified anti-Spanish feelings in the United States and underscored the power of the press to inflame public opinion. The Letter basically offended Americans and Intensified the feelings of the anti-Spanish

The USS Maine was a boat that had sailed to Cuba on January after riots broke out in the streets of Havana. Spaniards who opposed government reforms in Cuba led the riots. Fearing harm to American citizens and property, President McKinley had sent the Maine to Cuba to protect American Interests. People believe that the USS Maine was trying to park at the dock and their was a mine close by to the dock and the USS Maine hit that mine and exploded.

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Their were a lot of battles and wars that have taken place at this time in Cuba and one of these was the Spanish American War. On May 1st, just days before the declaration of war, Dewey's squadron steamed into Manila Bay and opened fire on the Spanish Fleet. Taken by surprise, the fleet was entirely destroyed. Dewey did not lose a single ship and suffered only a few battle casualties. Then in Cuba fighting was broken out. The U.S Navy quickly set up a blockade of Havana and the north cost of Cuba. At the eastern end of the island,however, a Spanish squadron slipped into the harbor at Santiago De Cuba. Their was also some small little battles that happened too. Despite the U.S Quick Victory, not everything went well for the U.S forces. About 5,500 Americans died in the war, mostly from tropical diseases like Malaria and Yellow fever. This was was the First American Victory for a overseas war.

Rough Riders where Handpicked cowboys that where handpicked by Roosevelt and it was a mix of college athletes and western cowboys.

San Jaun Hill was a intense battle that was at nighttime and the U.S Army had taken the ridge. These people where also some of the Rough Riders.

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Section 5

Events that promoted cartoonist to draw these pictures.

The Picture on page 132 in the Social studies book is a picture about the Philippines in the presidential election of 1900.

The two guys that are chopping the flag down are someone from the Democrats and someone from the Republicans and the two guys in the background are McKinley and William Jennings Bryan. Each character represents a democrat or a republican in the Philippines battle.

Platt Amendment- it was an Amendment that allowed the United States to intervene in Cuban affairs and to buy or lease land for navel bases.

Anti-Imperialist League- It was an organization formed during the war to oppose the establishment of U.S. colonies.

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