Code Name Verity

Report By Drake Boyle

The Plot

"Verity" has been captured by the Gestapo, she knows she doesn't stand a chance. As a spy captured in enemy territory. She has two choices: tell the Gestapo about her mission, or face execution. They'll get the truth out of her but it won't be what they expect. As "verity" Weaves her confession, Verity uncovers her past, how she became friends with her pilot Maddie and why she left Maddie in the wrecked fuselage. But one thing that she always worries about is, will trading her secrets be enough to save herself from a merciless and ruthless enemy?


A majority of the book takes place in Ormaie France or L'ormarine, however that's mainly during flashbacks. The rest of the book takes place in a Nazi Headquarters in France.
WWII Brutality Richard 'Bud' Peterson P-51 Ace Interview



This book is based mainly around two main protagonists.

Queenie, also known as Verity, is our main character, and who we get most of our information from. She is in a Nazi camp and is writing her confession.

Maddie, known as Kittyhawk, is the pilot escorting Queenie during her journey, during this whole time these two girls bond and become best friends.

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The conflict in Verity is an interesting one. The whole story revolves around flash backs but will also come back from the past and remind you that Verity is still in captivity. So I would call it internal conflict but can also be external and can be against the Nazi's.