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September 7-11, 2015

Final Touches on our First Major Project

This past week has been busy and very involved. We are finishing our International Business Environment project in which each group of students is required to present a report on their chosen country's trade environment. Seeing the world and the United States' interaction with it from a different point of view is valuable, and my hope is we will see some of these insights in the presentations.

We have been using LHS Chromebooks all week, and the response has been great. I guided the class by providing an outline of topics to be researched and a requirement that the presentation had to be multimedia. Any multimedia will do, and we have everything from cartoon apps, to green screen video interviews to live websites!

The student teams have taken this project seriously, and it has been great to see their creativity and critical thinking application. This should be a great week of interactive presentations!

Culture and International Trade

The students had some fascinating and very informative insights into culture's impact on international trade. We spent a day talking about the effect of social media and technology on intercultural relationships, and we discovered that the internet has not homogenized our global culture in the way it was expected to when it first arrived on the scene. In fact, we seem to be evolving into xenophobic, heterogeneous technology hermits!

The students wrote:

  • "We live in a world with technology that can connect us to people in other countries, but we still live in a bubble and are only concerned with news that involves us."

  • "People tend to stay in their own social groups without realizing it."

  • "We have potential to be very connected, but we don't reach out to other places."

Many times we do the same within our own classes and schools, and I can agree from experience, we do it without realizing it. Talking through these concepts has been a great challenge and an eye-opening experience.

Not only is international business a multicultural practice, but domestic business is rapidly becoming so as well. To best prepare students for careers in this flattening world, an understanding and appreciation of other cultures must be practiced in the safety of the classroom.

Vocabulary Plan

I am leaving this quick article here for a few weeks as a reminder

Business is a vocabulary-intensive discipline, and we have a ton of words to learn as we discuss these concepts in depth. To help each and every student keep up with the ever-growing list, we will be having vocabulary assessments every Friday with a worksheet due at the time of the assessment. These are usually a list of 15 to 20 words and definitions each week, and I have arranged formative vocabulary assessments throughout the weekdays to help prepare for the weekly quiz.

The vocabulary worksheet will be posted online, and can be downloaded each Monday. I will be encouraging students to use Quizlet for studying. This is an effective app that can be used to create digital flashcards and study games. Don't get behind on this one!

A Little About Me

Mr. Belflower

Let me take a quick second to introduce myself. I come most recently from Bakersfield, CA, and my wife and I moved our two sons out here almost three years ago. I was born in Texas, raised in Arizona and raised my family in California. Winding up out here in Texas has been a whirlwind, but we are growing to love the area.

I received my BA in International Business from Ashford University, and I recently acquired my Probationary Certificate to teach in Texas. I have been teaching one way or another since I was in high school, and I have taught every age group I can think of. High school students are my favorite, and I am ecstatic to be teaching at Lovejoy!

I am all about collaborative learning, and I strive to be student-centered in my philosophy, planning, decision-making, grading and lesson delivery. Life-long learners get me excited, and my goal this year is to make as many learners as possible in my classroom.

Parents, please feel free to email me anytime, and I look forward to working with you in your young adult's education. Let's have an amazing school year!

The photo is me, but I'm now missing the beard!