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Hello HBB,

I hope you are all doing ok. I am so saddened about the Govenor's announcement and the fact that we won't be back in school this year. While I certainly understand the decision it is hard for me to get my head wrapped around not seeing the kids for so long and I know my staff all feel the same way. Please know that we are working on ideas and plans that will allow us a sense of closure and we are hopeful that we might be able to plan some celebratory events for the summer if social distancing restrictions are lifted. More information to come!

I know there are also many questions that still need to be answered and we plan on getting out more information in the coming days. We will be planning a time for students to come and get their belongings and we will also be making some adjustments to our Extended Learning Plan as DESE has just updated their guidance. Please be on the lookout for my emails in order to stay up to date with everything.

In the meantime, our weekly video is ready (see below!) Don't forget to send us your pics and videos on how you are passing the time! Videos and pics can be sent to me by replying to this email or to Mr. Dawson at

Below is the link to our Extended Learning Page where you can find your this week's assignments. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on each grade for links assignments etc.

Have a great week and enjoy the video!

Week 6, April 26th HBB Students and Staff

5th Grade Legacy Wall

One of my favorite traditions here at HBB is our 5th Grade Legacy Wall. Fortunately, we were able to have the kids all complete their tiles before this all started and the tiles just came in! Please watch this short video by Mrs. Donovan to see how they all came out. They will be installed in the school shortly! Enjoy!

Note From MHS Student Council

Dear Middleborough Students and Families,

The Middleborough High School Student council is looking to create a community service project during a time of uncertainty. The project is to make a video for people in need within Middleborough, living in designated communities throughout our town. The video will include short video clips, letters, art pieces, cards, etc. that we are collecting from you! The goal of creating this video is to show the people living in these elderly communities that “Middleborough is Thinking of You”. This project is a great way for you and your family to do something good for the community and stay busy at home.

Submissions May Include:

  • Short videos

  • Art pieces

  • Photographs

  • Cards

  • Letters

  • Any other creative pieces!!

Content of Submissions Can Include:

  • Thank you messages

  • Hopeful messages

  • Slogans

  • Health promotions

  • Simple greetings

  • Representations of the Middleboro Community

  • Anything that shows these people that Middleboro sticks together and is here for everyone in the community!

If you would like to submit something to be included in our video project, please send it as an attachment and send it to

Too Much Screen Time?

For parents who might be concerned with the amount of screen time your children are engaged in due to this situation I have included a link to a website that you might find helpful. As a parent I am very concerned about my own kids and the amount of time they are spending on phones, computers etc. and I found this site to be helpful in setting appropriate ground rules at home.

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