What Is A Flow Chart?

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What is a flow chart?

Why do we use flow charts?

We use flow chats because they are easy to put ideas down or forward, and making it easier for use to visualize the app product or whatever we are making.They can also show how a computer or a lighthouse or traffic lights work.This makes the way that they work easy for us to understand. However this could be used for the people that created the program that do all this, as a why to see all of the functions, and all of the possible outcomes that could come out of the app or the program or the product.So to sum it all up a flow chart lets us stay onto of what we making and see all the parts we have to program

Flow Chart Symbols

What are flow chart symbols and why do we use them

We use flow chat symbols so we can see, what function we need to use when it comes to someone to program it, this is almost a universal language and stops confusion between planners and programmers. However it can not just be used for programing it can show us a how a system works but mapping out all of the possible outcomes and then deciding which one we want or if there is anything that is wrong with it.

What is a sub routine?

What is a sub routine and why do we use them?

Programs our made up of subroutines, these are little bits of code that are not always on, for example if you wanted to change the fount of a text in word then clicking on the fount siltation and changing it is an example of a subroutine. They basically ensure the smooth running of a computer. The biggest thing to remember though is that subroutines are not programs they are way to small to be, they are instead what makes up codes and programs.

If you want to no more on subrouines watch the video below

Dev C++ Functions and Subroutines Tutorial