Where I Stand

Edward Lui

Natural Resources

Natural resources are very important materials, including minerals, water, and the forests. Which is why it is controlled by the federal government. All of these items are useful for the economy. In Canada's natural resources sector, 19% of the GDP is used in this field. 14% of the 19% is directly contributed to the GDP, and the remaining 5% is indirectly contributing to the GDP. In the 14% of direct contribution to the GDP, 10% goes to energy, 3% goes to minerals and metals, and 1% goes to forestry. This provides around 1.8 million jobs for the people of Canada. I think that the current share of money for each section is good. I think that more money could be spent on forests, not for cutting down more trees and plants, but to maintain the amount of trees and increase the amount of trees we have. Natural resources have one slight issue, the problem is that there is a limited amount of resources in this earth and we would have to find alternate ways to get these resources in the future like oil/fuel and water which what everyone needs. I believe that it is around time to find different ways to do things so that we don't out of fuel to burn in the factory that create our electricity because humans now rely on it.

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Science and Technology

The main goal in Canada's science and technology sector is to promote and encourage new ideas through invention and innovation. Science and technology is controlled by

the federal government. Many new jobs are created to help support the science and technology in Canada. Science and technology works towards making a better future and ensuring long term prosperity. Funding is provided to help research and development of new technology. I think that more money should be provided to the science and technology sector to help further their research, and help make our lives easier and simpler. I think that is should get a bit more funding because their inventions and ideas are what we are using now. The thing they create don't just help them make money it helps us live easier. Therefore more money should be used to fund this research.

Small Businesses & Tourism

Small Businesses and tourism take up 2% of Canada's GDP, which is around $32 billion. Tourism helps to create over 600,000 jobs for people. Small businesses and tourism is also controlled by the federal government. This creates more jobs in different sectors of small businesses, which includes transportation (airplanes, buses, taxis, cars), accommodation (hotels), food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment (amusement parks, tourist hotspots), and travel services (travel agents). These jobs span over all areas, in urban, rural, and remote locations. This sector has produced $81.7 billion in revenue. I think that this is a good use of money because it help generate more money for people and very importantly jobs for many people. There are so many things included which ranges from food to transportation and even to entertainment. The more money that is invested the more profit you would get from it back. If anything happened to the amount of money available to this sector there will be many issues like, GDP dropping, less money being made and most importantly
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