Annotation Skills


EX#1- Annotating Speech's

Arragons Speech

We first paraphrased Arragons Speech from The Merchant Of Venice, then we annotated by looking for pathos, ethos and logos.

EX#2- Paraphrasing (Moroccos Speech)

EX#3- Literary Devices

Animal Farm


Irony is obvious in the mantra" Some animals are more equal than others" and ultimately, it is ironic at the end when the pigs are indistinguishable from the humans and they toast not, Animal farm but to “The Manor Farm” .


An allegory is a form of extended metaphor as the comparison is sustained throughout. Orwell despised all forms of oppressive governance and was himself disillusioned by the abuse of power he had seen.


Orwell's work would be the singing of "Beasts of England." All of the animals in the barn rejoice in singing the song in unison with one another. They repeat verse after verse as a glorious exaltation in shared consciousness following Old Major's speech.

EX#4 Propaganda Techniques

Appeal to fear

'Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?'


The bleating of 'Two legs good four legs bad' by the sheep


After Napoleon's purges, Boxer tells all the animals to work harder