Effects of the Atomic Bomb in Japan


Comparison To Conventional Bombs

Range is much farther

Effects life after the bombs is gone

50% blast, 35% heat, and 15% radiation

Backlash can spread to other counties

Damage Done

Stages of Detonation

Fireball: 50ft radius, 300,000 degrees

Shock wave: 50% of bomb's energy

Radioactivity: initial and induced

People Close to Bomb

  • Vaporized
  • Died later from radiation
  • Disfigured
  • Keloids

Radiation Effects

Cancer more prevalent

Destroyed bone marrow

Killed/corrupted reproducing cells

Social Effects

Kids were made fun of in school

People didn't want to go out in public

More orphans

Most medical professionals were killed

Effects on Nature

Water sources were contaminated

Animals were born with defects