Invented By John Kay (By the Industrial Times)

John Kay

Kay has invented something that should benefit everybody! The Flying Shuttle. The Flying Shuttle will help distribute clothing faster, make sure to be checking stores more frequently now.

Local Reports

Local company owners outraged at the Flying Shuttle, and are threatening John Kay.


John Kay's house attacked by mob. Mob destroys almost everything in Kay's house. Member of the Mob states that they are doing their action in account of the Flying Shuttle.

News (2)

Clothing Manufacture Companies claim Kay's invention. The companies state that they didn't want to risk the machine getting damaged by the mob, leaving Kay with no ownership.

Fashion Reports

Ladies, the new dresses are now in stock. If you are into poofy dresses, you better stock up now, they are selling faster than machines can make them.

Gentlemen, silk hats are now in stock, but selling fast.

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