Gen. Joe Dunford JR

by Hunter Bumgarner

what he's done

Dunford was commissioned into the marines in 1977. He had graduated from college that same year. His colleagues describe him as a calm and thoughtful leader. He earned the nick name " Fighting Joe" while in Iraq when he led a combat team in the initial invasion. He writes a letter of condolence for american service man killed in Afghanistan, and he does the same for the service men from other countries that are also fight in Afghanistan.

His leadership Traits

Dunford shows many leadership traits. I'll try to be calm and caring like Dunford. I think that he's caring is his most important leadership trait, because it is what makes him try to get all of his soldiers home alive. The fact that he stays calm during battle is why I would follow him. Not every leader needs to show the same leadership traits, because leadership come in many forms.