Data Base Administrators

2014 Career Project


  • Test programs or databases, correct errors, and make necessary modifications.
  • Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  • Modify existing databases and database management system or direct programmers and analysts to make changes.
Educational Requirements

Certificate or associate's degree plus work experience at minimum; bachelor's degree preferred; master's degrees available

Job Outlook

  • Growth (2012 - 2022) faster than average (15% to 22%)
  • Job opening (2012 - 2022) (4,300)


Median Wages (2013) $37.75 hourly, 78,520 annual

State and National Trends

United States

Employment: 2012 (118,700) 2022 (136,600)

Annual Job Opening: 4,300