Fermi Project

Marisa Thakady and Melissa Len

How many dump trucks would it take to cart away Mount Everest?


We predict that the average dump truck has dimensions of 8ft x 6ft x 12ft. This would mean the dump truck a volume of 576 ft^3. We approximate that the volume of Mt. Everest is 1 billion ft^3. If we divide the volume of Mt. Everest by the volume of the dump trucks, it would take about 2 million dump trucks to cart away Mt. Everest.

Volume of Mt. Everest:

Volume of cone: 1/3π(r^2)(h) = 1/3π(16^2)(9) = 2413km^3 = 7,916,667 ft^3

Volume of a dump truck:

Area of a rectangular prism: h x l x w = 8.5 x 5 x 17 = 722.5 ft^3

Volume of Mt. Everest / Volume of a dump truck

7,916,667ft^3 / 722.5ft^3 = 10,958 dump trucks