American Dream

Jacob Wiechec

Media Connection

In this video the guy talks about how the American Dream is not dead. The guy in this video went to Cambodia and he says that in that county there are no opportunities whatsoever, but in American even though it may not be equal everyone has opportunities. This connects to the videos we watched because they talked about whether or not the American dream was dead.

The American Dream Is Not Dead ~ Its Just Changing


One of the obstacles of the American dream is gender and race equality because depending on your gender or race you could be more likely to be paid more or to get a job "Lack of education and work opportunities". Another obstacle of the American dream is if you're rich or poor you could be treated differently "Nearly eight-in-ten Affluent households believe that the American Dream is harder to achieve now than in the past". If you are an immigrant you could have a harder time getting a job. High taxes and living costs could be another obstacle to the American dream. In the video he says " I still think the American dream is a thing but it's not as good as it used to be".

My beliefs

I still think the American dream is alive. Even though some people may not get equal opportunities, the fact still remains that no matter who you are you will have some kind of opportunity. There are many programs from the government and the people that help immigrants or poor people get back on their feet or get a job. Many people still come to America from other countries in an effort to get a better life. In the video he says "People have more opportunity here to live better lives" which I agree with.