Mount Rushmore

The "Shrine of Democracy"

A Reminder

What does Mount Rushmore mean to you? Maybe It's freedom, hope, independence, or many other things. Mount Rushmore became a symbol in the U.S. by default when it was made. The mountain has 4 US presidents carved on its side, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Being president means being a citizen of the world, having leadership, and the pursuit of peace between men.These men are remembered for having all those characteristics, Mount Rushmore reminds people they can have these characteristics too.
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The Beginning

So how did Mount Rushmore come to be? In the Black Hills of South Dakota 1884, a man named Charles Rushmore was inspecting mining claims in the region. Charles found a nearby mountain that no one had named. He first named it Rushmore Peak, but later became Mount Rushmore. In the 1920's, a historian named Doane Robinson wanted to attract tourist to the Black Hills, he came up with the idea of sculpting people in the naturally made granite pillars, or Needles. He contacted Sculptor Gutzon Borglum, an American sculptor, who suggested Washington and Lincoln be carved to bring the most attention. He later added Jefferson and Roosevelt to the list.

The Project

Mount Rushmore was the chosen site to carve the heads. There were many complaints from Natives and environmentalists, but Robinson kept working to raise funds. President Calvin Coolidge visited the Black Hills and granted Robinson $250,000 for the Mount Rushmore project. The president gave a dedication speech for the project as well. Carving began October 1929.
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Completetion and Hope

Dedication ceremonies were held after every completed head carving. Mount Rushmore is known today as the "Shrine Of Democracy" and has become an iconic image in America. This 12 year project has brought hope to many people.

This project was started to bring tourism, but it became something so much more for America. Some people have small projects like setting up a US flag, That can still bring hope! Even if it's a big or small project, you could bring hope to people. Help the world like the 4 presidents did, and give hope to people.

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