The Ghosts of Christmas

Group Project


Your group has been assigned one of the three ghosts. Your ghost shows Scrooge his past, present, or future, highlighting things he needs to change. Follow the directions below to create a complete group presentation.

Option 1

Use garage band to make up either a rap or a song about your ghost. The rap or song must include

1. a description of the ghost (10 points)

2. an explanation of the places the ghost took Scrooge (10 points)

3. A summary of what the ghost was teaching Scrooge/how Scrooge is already changing (10 points)

4. It is at least 1:30 long (10 points)

Option 2

Use iMovie or garage band (for a podcast) and conduct an interview between you and your ghost. The interview must include:

1. The ghost explaining what he showed scrooge (10 points).

2. The ghost explaining why he showed Scrooge what he did (10 points).

3. The ghost describing how Scrooge reacted to what he showed him (10 points).

4. It is at least 2:30 long (10 points).

Option 3

Write a paper in your group. Each group member will be responsible for (at least) one part. The paper must:

1. Be in MLA format (5 points)

2. Include a paragraph about what your ghost showed Scrooge (10 points).

3. Include a section about WHY the ghost showed Scrooge those things (10 points).

4. A paragraph about what Scrooge learned and/or how he reacted to these things (10 points).

5. A *GOOD illustration of your ghost (5 points).

*If you choose this option, I am looking for superior writing. I will take points away for spelling, grammar, and phrasing errors.