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Buffalo Community Middle School. September 2020

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Check your child's grades on Parent Portal:

The best way to keep up to date on your child's progress in classes at BCMS is to check Campus Parent Portal. At BCMS, teachers post grades in Campus weekly. You can also encourage your child to check Campus Student Portal throughout the week.

Strategies to help your child on at-home learning days:

A Video For 6th Grade Students & Families From Assistant Principal Mrs. Gohl:

6th Grade Fall Video

A Video For 7th Grade Students & Families From Assistant Principal Mr. Hayden:

7th Grade Video 2020

A Video For 8th Grade Students & Families From Principal Mr. Lubben:

8th Grade Level Meeting 9 23 2020
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BCMS Attendance:

  • Now that all of our students have a device for at home learning, your child will have a daily assignment or interaction requirement for most classes. This might include live lessons, live interactions with teachers, watching an online lesson, or submission of coursework.

  • Student participation in scheduled live lessons, Google Meets, Google Chats, or phone calls is required.

  • Teachers will submit attendance hourly based on your child’s participation.

  • If your child cannot participate in daily learning activities due to internet connection, illness or vacation, please contact the BCMS attendance secretary:

Kelley Jaszewski

Email: kjaszewski@bhmschools.org

ATTENDANCE LINE: 763.682.8242

Emergency Test Message—October 8

BHM Schools wants to ensure that we are communicating with parents in the most effective way possible. On Thursday, October 8, 2020, mid-morning, the district will send out a district-wide emergency test message to parents and guardians from our parent notification system. You should receive a call, email and text messages (whatever information you have on file with your child's school). Especially with the upcoming winter months, we want to be sure parents/guardians don't miss any important messages from the school or the district about cancellations or delays. Remember this is ONLY a TEST and NO action will likely be necessary.

Unauthorized Distribution of any Distance Learning Content

This is just a reminder for all that distance learning content is for educational purposes only. By accessing this material, you agree not to share the content with anyone not enrolled in the class or assisting an enrolled student. Unauthorized distribution of any distance learning content, including sharing video recordings or screenshots on the internet or social media, is strictly prohibited and could result in disciplinary action and/or the suspension of a student’s access to certain distance learning materials.

BCMS Fall Activities

Like school itself, middle school activities have taken on a different look this fall. This fall we are offering a four week football camp that will run until October 12th and is coached by our middle school football coaches with the help of the varsity coaches. Each session ends with a flag football game for the players.

Volleyball was moved to February and will run until April. We will be competing against other local schools who have made the same schedule change. It will look very much like it has in the past, just at a different time of the year. While you won't see those two sports at BCMS this fall, you will see cross country, girls tennis, and both boys and girls soccer.

All of those sports are competing with other schools as we follow safe play guidance from the State. Some of those guidelines include limited daily participants, no issuing of lockers, social distancing on buses, and the need for spectators to social distance while attending events. It is great to see all these athletes finally get a chance to participate and enjoy themselves outside after school.

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The first events of the fall at the BCMS Stadium as the Girls Soccer team prepares to take on North Branch in front of a socially distanced crowd.

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BCMS Yearbook 2020-2021 Information



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Or submit photos following directions below!

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Thank You!

Thank you so very much for sharing your most precious gift with us. Together we will get through these unbelievable times and continue to do what is best for your child's education.

Never hesitate to reach out to us!

Grade Level Principals:

6th Grade - Katie Gohl: katiegohl@bhmschools.org

7th Grade- John Hayden: jhayden@bhmschsools.org

8th Grade - Matt Lubben: mlubben@bhmschools.org

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Grade Level Counselors:

6th Grade - Kaitlin Kolbinger - Phone: 763-682-8220 Email: kkolbinger@bhmschools.org

7th Grade - Ashley Kamphenkel - Phone: 763-682-8217 Email: akamphenkel@bhmschools.org

8th Grade - Penny Thalacker - Phone: 763-682-8219 Email: pthalack@bhmschools.org

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