By Kaitlin Kolb, Eva Fisherman, and Lily Bryant


When you are embarrassed, you feel as though everyone sees or knows something about you that you'd like to hide. If you blurt something out, friends or family say something personal about you, or you make a BIG mistake, then you are likely to experience embarrassment. In the photo below, Eva is experiencing embarrassment.

Claim Responsibility For Your Embarrassments!

"Embarrassment is such a big thing at my school. There are so many things that can happen in school to make you feel embarrassed." -Lisa People often feel embarrassed if their parents or friends say something embarrassing. What we want people to understand is that it's okay to feel embarrassed. It shows your true personality.

The secret of the creative life is to feel at ease with your own embarrassment. -Paul Schrader

How embarrassing it is to be human. -Kurt Vonnegut

How it feels to be embarrassed:

  • You feel like everyone is judging you
  • You feel upset, like your life is ruined
  • You feel angry and want to get revenge on the person who embarrassed you
  • Finally, you feel, well, embarrassed!

Kaitlin, Eva, and Lily

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