Cystic Fibrosis

Solymar Mora, Kassandra Darrus, Diana Mendoza

Cystic Fibrosis

A condition that effects the infants breathing and digestion


It is inherited by both parent genes. In other words both the mother and father must carry the gene for the baby to have it

How it is detected

there are several tests that can be taken during pregnancy. One of them is called CVS (Chronic Villus Sampling).


in new borns

  • failure to gain weight
  • delayed growth
  • increasing gas
  • belly that appears swollen
  • infertility in men
  • clubbed finger
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Treatment is used right after the disease is detected. There are many different forms of treatment for it, but essentially there is no cure.

treatment is used for:

  • preventing an controlling lung infections
  • loosening and removing the mucus from lungs
  • Preventing and treating intestinal blockage
  • proving adequate nutrition

Life expectancy

about 37 years