Bobcat Bulletin

September 10, 2021

Mark Your Calendars:

  • 9/13: PTSA Meeting...In Person @ Sonoran Foothills School Media Center, 6:30pm JOIN US!
  • 9/17: K-2 TRACKS Meet (for staff and students)
  • 9/17: 2pm Dismissal
  • 9/28: Picture Day

Dismissal Reminder:

The front lot is for car pick up only.

Grades 1-8

If you are parking your car and walking up to meet your child,

he/she needs to meet you by the south lot (near field gates & bus lane).

There is no parent walk up in the front of the school.

Kinder Parents

KINDER parents ONLY are permitted to walk up to

the kinder gate to pick up their child.

However, we would highly encourage you

to start using the car pick up lane, if you haven't already.

Picture Day is coming on September 28th.

Mark your calendars and get your smiles ready!

Details and order information is coming soon.

September is Civics Month!

Bobcats...wear red, white, and blue on Fridays

(every Friday in September)

to show your school and community spirit!

Heat Advisory Information

It may be September...but it is still HOT in AZ!

We will continue to monitor the weather and follow county guidance for implementation of "heat advisory" days. As hard as it is to keep our Bobcats indoors and not have recess (it is SO hard!), we always prioritize student safety. There could still be multiple heat advisory days over the next couple of weeks. Hang in there, Bobcats!

Remember to send your child to school

with a full water bottle each day.

From the Desk of our Gifted Specialist, Mrs. Johnson:

Attention ALL Bobcat Parents,

The Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented (AAGT) Parent Institute will host a workshop offering ideas on how to Develop the Whole Child. Choose from two in-person locations or livestream to learn from engaging guest speakers on a variety of subjects to help enrich your child.

The date is Saturday, September 25th from 8 am - 4 pm. See the flyer below or click the link ( for more information.

Meet our PLC Teams

4th Grade with Mrs. Millett, Mrs. Mata, Mrs. Eickelmann, Mrs. Velaski

Big picture

The Silver Apple Award...

Does your child have a teacher this year that he/she just can't stop raving about? Well, consider nominating him/her for the Silver Apple Award recognition. More details can be found at:

All Things EQ Message (from the founder Danna Evans):

The motto next week is:

I am willing to introduce myself and get to know new people.

Small talk is an important skill because it builds social confidence and is fairly easy to learn. While small talk can be viewed as superficial or shallow, studies show that to have more meaningful and in-depth conversations; small talk is often the first step.

"In recent years, small talk has been belatedly recognized as a beneficial feature of everyday life. For example, studies indicate that people are happier when they talk to others, even if it is just strangers on a subway, and even if it is just small talk." - Dr. Frank T. McAndrew

Helping students feel confident speaking with others is only a matter of teaching a frame they can follow and then encouraging them to put those skills to use.

1. Introduce yourself. (Say hello and say your name.)

2. Ask questions. (What's your favorite class, book, sport, etc.)

3. Say goodbye. (Say goodbye and add, "It was nice speaking with you.")

When students have a frame to follow, they feel more prepared. I like to add that between each step, there will likely be awkward silences and not to overly worry about them because they are a natural part of conversations. However, you can always lessen the duration of an awkward silence by asking questions.

Good manners and kindness are always in fashion. -Anonymous

Another tool I use to help my kids practice their communication skills is when we have company. We use "Ask 3, Tell 3." When you have company over, grandparents or aunts and uncles are perfect; ask your children to share three things about themselves throughout the visit and then have them learn three things about the visitors. "The Ask 3 & Tell 3" is an easy thing to implement at home and not only helps build better social skills, but it helps build better relationships too!

Upcoming Fundraiser Nights...

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Thank you for keeping our community safe & healthy...

  • Keep your child home if he/she has covid like symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid.
  • Use the reporting button below to notify our school if your child has covid, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid. Thank you!

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