People who were born without a bladder!

Why does this happen?

There is no known cause for this condition but there are many theories. Some experts believe during the 11th week of pregnancy the embryo undergoes structural changes including in growths of tissue in the lower abdominal wall, which stimulates developement of muscles and pelvic bones.

Bladder Exstrophy

Bladder Exstrophy is an abnormality present at birth in which the bladder and associated structures are improperly formed. Rather than being its normal round shape, the bladder is flattened. The skin, muscle and pelvic bones joining the lower part of the abdomen do not form properly so the inside of the bladder is exposed outside the abdomen. There are associated aficiencies of the abdominal muscles and pelvic bones also.

Who do we serve?

People without a bladder.

How large is our audience?

Not very big because being born without a bladder is rare.

Things that our camp does.

It helps people with no bladder meet people like them so they can at least feel normal instead of seeming so unique and different in a bad way .

How will this help?

No one nows what it feels like to have no bladder until they are going through the same. But in this way everyone at the camp are the same so no one can get made fun of.

Concise Mission Statement

This camp will help in many ways like all the people are going through the same disabilty so no one is out of place. This camp is the best for people with no bladder , it allows them to do activities that they love without being made fun of , this just makes it easier for them to express themselves.


Tyler,Tx 75707

Its Secure

Medical Falculty And Also Activity Based

Its in the city

Camp Location

10938 archeastwood st. 75707 Tyler,Tx

Camp Director

Jaynie Najera And Maribel Macias(:


- Basketball

- Baseball

- Soccer

- Tennis

- Football

- Track

- Jump Rope

- Swimming

- Rock Climbing


How would it help?

It will make life more awesome that they can play with people like there selfs.