Shane M

Statement of Theme

Never Give up, I chose this because when I was little people thought I gave up easily, but I didn't.


My coaches have helped me reach this theme, because they didn't just stop when I wanted to they gave me hope that I could reach this goal of getting my first touchdown. And made sure they were teaching me the right things for being a WR, and getting my first touchdown.


My dad has helped me reach this theme, because he taught me how to move my feet faster, and not giving up. He told me all of his times when he thought he wasn't going to do something, but succeeded.


My mom helped me reach this theme, because when I was younger she was the only one that would play catch with me outside. She always threw the ball just right up in the air barely over my head. After a while she noticed I really liked football, and signed me up for tackle football. Then she found out if was going to be a WR she brought me to Walmart, and bought me my very first gloves even though they were like $5 they meant the world to me.


I was a character in my theme, because every morning I woke up and thought about how I am going to succeed today. And making sure I don't just give up, because I want to. And making sure I get good grades to even be eligible to play.

Norwalk Warrior Stadium

I think making my setting the Norwalk Warrior Stadium, because I went to practice there everyday. And learning how to catch the ball correctly, and making sure I catch the ball as well.

My House

I think my house helped me make my theme, because when I got home from school I always wanted to play catch with my mom or dad. But my dad always had to work pretty late, and my mom had to catch up on work. So when my dad did get home I had the funnest times in my life those nights.

Plot 1

I thought to myself everyday I have to get better if I want a touchdown this year. There was this drill that was my favorite. You had to line up as a WR then you had to run a route. Each time I caught the ball I got better I know I did. Then when I didn't catch the ball I felt like I got worse, but I corrected myself next time. And after a couple of those drills I I felt unstoppable to cover. Now it makes me wonder what will happen when I am older?

Plot 2

When I practiced with my team I felt like most people couldn't stop us. But when it came to games I felt like we didn't give are all. But when it came to practice most of the team worked hard especially me. Us as a team got better, and better each time we practiced together. We practiced different positions, but one person doesn't just have to be one position. For the WR we practiced really hard on catching, because our game was coming up and we were going to throw the ball. So when came to the game we just couldn't catch it. We were wide open, but we couldn't catch. Until our last game...

Plot 3

When it came to my last game I knew I had to get some kind of highlight, like a interception, or a touchdown. So when I went on to the field I felt ready head up "here we GO!" So we had 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. I was positive I was going to get something this game. So we played through the first half nothing happened just a couple of tackles. And the coach yelled, "Shane we need you" and so I ran towards the coach and said, "I am here." He said, "Go in there for Dylan Wolfe he looks tired" I said, "Okay" so I went. By the time I got out there I knew what I was doing by the look on the QB's face. So I got in my stance, "Red set HIKE" and I am gone. I see the QB look at me, he took a step threw the ball perfectly into my hands. I see the end zone right in front of me, I run like its the end of the world. Then I hear, "Touchdown Shane Mora!" I felt so good after that, I felt like I just a enormous amount of money. But I knew I just got my first ever touchdown.

Turning Point

When I was first born the doctor said to my mom that I had some kind of problem with my left ankle. So when I got older she noticed that it got a lot worse than when it was when I was younger. She noticed every time I ran I didn't feel anything, but when I ran for long periods of time my ankle started to hurt really bad. I told her each time it hurt like when I just got done playing outside, or with my friends. So we went to a doctor, and they said you would have to reach a certain amount of weight to have surgery on it, but my mom wasn't to happy about that. She told me when we got back in the car to go back home she said I would need to be careful with my ankle at football practice. So every time I came home from football practice my mom would ask, "Is your ankle okay?" I would say, "yes its fine" but inside it really hurt. I just didn't want to make her mad, because I know she had a long day at work. So when it came to games I had to wrap my ankle really good, because my mom was scared of it popping out of place when I was running. So every game after 6th grade I have wrapped my ankle really good, and we still don't know when we are going to get surgery on it.
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