Neptune's Indo-European root word is nebh "wet cloud"

Facts of Neptune

Neptune is a gas giant.

Neptune is a bright blue color. Though Uranus is a paler blue.

Neptune is 2.795 billion miles away from the sun.

Neptune's neighboring planets are Uranus and the once planet Pluto.

Neptune is 416,989 times smaller than the sun.

In Earth years, Neptune orbits the sun in 164.79 years.

Neptune has storm like Jupiter. Only the winds are 3 times stronger than Jupiter's and 9 times stronger than Earth's. The hurricane-like storm is called "Great Dark Spot." The storm is big enough to swallow the Earth, but that won't happen because Neptune is 2.7 billion miles away, and we can't see the planet. Only the satellite's make it possible to see pictures of Neptune.

Neptune has 14 moons. Go down the page for more information.

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