The Daintree Rainforest Explorer

by Sophia

Meet an explorer who has just recently visited the Daintree Rainforest!

Today we are interviewing Daniel Durkins, an explorer who has recently got back from exploring the Daintree Rainforest. We requested an interview about the Daintree so Daniel accepted it although he was tired from just getting back from the Daintree.

The first question was what made you want to be an explorer and his reply was I always loved and felt for the the rainforest and I always wanted to be an explorer but only explore the rainforests and their beauties.

The second question was why made you want to go to the Daintree out of all the other rainforerts and his reply was I first had a lot of trouble picking which rainforest I wanted to go then right after accidentally seeing a advertisement of the Daintree I was had an outline of all the uniqueness about the Daintree and made me want to go immediely.

The third question was what interesting animals did you see while exploring and his reply was I saw so many wonderful creatures in the rainforest what it is impossible all of then but a few animals were the peppermint stick insect, the spectacled flying fox and the giant cockroach.

The second last question was what interesting plants did you see and his reply was I found all the plants unique and special but it's nearly impossible to name them all so a few plants were Cauliforys, scarlet beans and the last one has the weirdest name out of all the name of plants I heard and it is the idiot fruit I thought it was hilarious.

The last question was