Ancient India

By Mason Hensley

Where is ancient India located?

Ancient India is located in the continent of Asia and is by China and Pakistan.The bodies of water are the Indus and Ganges river and the Arabian Sea,Bay of Bengal,and the Indian ocean.The geographic features near it are the Himalayan mountains and the Deccan Plateau.

Why did they settle here?

People settled here because of the Indus and Ganges river for water and the summer monsoons brought wet winds and rain for the farmers crops for fertile soil to grow.Those are the reasons they settled here.
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What geographical features are present?

One geographical feature that is present is Mount Everest.Another is the Himalayan Mountains and the Indus and Ganges rivers.Those are some geographical features.

How did humans impact the land?

Humans impacted the land by getting the natural resources and building houses.

What natural resources are present?

The natural resources that are present are diamonds,furs and skins,silk,pearls,horses,elephants,cotton fabrics,woolen fabrics,and sandalwood and incense.