Star wars

Light sabers v.s blasters

The light sabers

The men who carry light sabers a special people with special powers, it has been passed down by genes through the family of jedis . There primary weopon is there light saber it is made up by a crystal which is similar to a sword but is a deadly laser beam, but when comes to there secondary they use the force.

The blasters

A blaster is used by a highly trained marksman who got his training from there army using there tactics they are talented with there blaster, either soldiers or bounty hunters they both are courageous men on the battlefield. There is a large variety of weapons to choose from such as some being machine guns, rifle, or automatic they can do lots of damage on the battlefield

Light saber battle blasters

While the jedis battle the soldiers every shot that is fire at a light saber the sabers can block the shot anted the can also use the force to push people back and, choke, or even move things. Bounty hunter bob fett is a highly triaged soldier, but even blasters can do lots of damage shooting a laser at a fast speed, so it will depend on the angle or if you come up behind the Jedi.