Freak The Mighty

Facing Reality

Freak The Mighty

It relates to my theme because Freak The Mighty is their pretend name. But in reality thats not who they are. They will one day split apart. They will have to face reality and move away. They can't live together so they won't always be together.

Conflict and Outcome: Man vs. Society

This relates to the theme because it is freak the mighty verses the real world. People won't take them seriously if all they do is pretend. Like when they go to the Lees house it was a quest to them but to the Lees it was serious. If they don't grow up society will never except them. Freak dosen't care about being excepted in society but will in the future.
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Character's Remarks and/or actions.

The more quests they go on the more they face reality. Every quest they go on the more they get involved in the real world. Like when they return the purse they almost got in trouble with Iggy. Every day they are getting more involved in the real world. Not every thing is pretend anymore.

Contrasts Between Characters:Kevin vs His Mom

Kevin is always imagining creatures and going on quests. But his mom is always worried about freak and is very over protective. This relates to theme because freak will one day have to become an adult. Like his mom he will one day grow up. Like when they when to the Lees house it was a quest until they got in the house. Max tries to get out of it by saying "Sorry wrong number" because he is now scared.Which is the reason why Kevin's mom is so over protective.